XPD X-Village Motorcycle Boots

The Pair of Boots for Everywhere

The XPD X-Village Boots are some of the best boots I've worn to date.Jordan Mastagni

I love motorcycle boots. I have way too many that literally fall out of my closet doors upon opening. To say I have more shoes...er...boots than my wife would be absolutely true, which may not be the most masculine revelation, but I really don't care. It's just one of my things. I'm proud to add the XPD X-Village motorcycle boots ($199.90) to my collection. They feature a contemporary urban style combined with safety elements such as ankle protectors and high resistance leather to really make them worthwhile when dipping into the closet come time to gear up.

The XPD X-Village are made of high-quality calfskin leather and are definitely stylish to boot... Haha!XPD

The XPD X-Village Boots are made with a full-grain leather (1.2mm/1.4mm material) that have been given the oiled water resistant treatment to really bead the water when riding. Lined with a full-grain 0.4mm thick calf leather that’s durable but breathable, the sole and footbed are also made of full-grain, breathable calfskin leather. These boots also feature outer ankle protection on polyurethane crumple with reinforcements on both the toe and heel so should you take a tumble they'll definitely aid in keeping your fleshy bits protected.

A quality sole can really make or break a boot. The X-Village features a vulcanized rubber sole that will last.XPD

One of the most convenient features of the X-Village boots is the 8mm brushed metal YKK zipper that allows me to get in and out of the boots with ease–untying is not necessary when dragging your dirty boots into mama’s clean house. I'm always in a hurry, and since seconds are precious, I'd prefer not to unlace boots every time I want to lounge in my socks. The X-Village makes it very easy to do just that.

One of the other noticeable features that are pretty much or make or break for me, is that the X-Village boots are lightweight. More times than not I’ve put countless sets of boots back on the shelves after picking them up because they’re too heavy. Call me crazy, but it’s a very important component to my buying criteria: if they’re too heavy, they’re not going to be comfortable for me. The X-Village is durable, but doesn’t weigh a ton, which definitely checks this boot-buying box for me.

Overall, the X-Village Boots are a great pair ready for the road or the street and I highly recommend them for your next adventure.