New Motorcycles

At Motorcycle Cruiser, you can view the latest models of cruiser and standard bikes from every manufacturer. Motorcycle Cruiser is the source for new cruisers.

Working closely with manufacturers, Motorcycle Cruiser is able to bring you the latest releases, photo galleries, tests and reviews on all the important new cruiser and new standard motorcycles. Traveling the world for exclusive launches, we are your resource for pre-release information when it comes to cruiser motorcycles, as well as more in-depth reviews and testing. If you want any news on all things cruiser, Motorcycle Cruiser is your one-stop destination.

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser motorcycles are a way of life. At Motorcycle Cruiser, we live that life. Testing new cruisers, new cruiser products and accessories, as well as touring different motorcycle roads and visiting lifestyle events—we have our finger on the pulse of American motorcycling culture and are bringing it straight to you. So whether you’re looking to schedule your next motorcycle trip to a bike rally, find the best bike for you, or get some reviews on new gear, we have you covered for all things cruiser.

Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are the upright bikes that many of us grew up on, what many riders turned into cruisers before they were made like that from the factory. The Honda CBs, Kawasaki KZs, and Yamaha XSs have been updated—stuffed with rider aids—and have added some names to their ranks like the Kawasaki Zs, Triumph Street Twins, and Yamaha XSRs. We review the latest standard motorcycles and cover the best and newest products to accessorize and customize your own bike.

Custom Cruisers

From galleries and features on custom bikes to reviews on the parts and accessories you need to build your own motorcycle—this is where you’ll find everything you need on custom cruisers. Our editors find the best custom cruiser bikes from all over the world to feature, while also customizing their own bikes and letting you follow along in the process. We also share which parts are worth your hard-earned money.