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      Cruiser and standard motorcycles have a timeless and classic look that is apparent in each manufacturer’s interpretation of either style of bike. If you placed a debadged Softail and a debadged Diavel next to each other, it would be obvious that these bikes are made by different manufacturers.

      On Motorcycle Cruiser you can find the latest news on brands and new models, or events going on in the cruiser and standard motorcycle industry. We also review the newest cruiser and standard motorcycle models. Our editors travel to events all over the globe, capturing some of the wildest customs that you will see there. 

      Cruiser Motorcycle News

      As the cruiser motorcycle world evolves, and riders enter and leave the marketplace, there will always be news and events from manufacturers, media outlets, and influencers. Whether it’s the largest gathering of cruisers in the world or an art show featuring electric cruiser motorcycles, we will be there. Here at Motorcycle Cruiser, we bring you the latest in cruiser news, industry interviews, and feature articles.

      Latest Cruiser And Standard Motorcycle News

      Cruiser Reviews

      Cruiser and standard styles haven’t changed much, but retro styles within that segment have made a comeback. Cafe racers have seen a boom in popularity, the same with scramblers. Flat-trackers are also seeing a huge growth in popularity as the long-awaited Indian FTR 1200 made its debut in 2019. As battery technology begins to grow, more electric cruisers, such as the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, are going to emerge in the marketplace.

      Catch the latest reviews on cruiser, standards, and gear and products at Motorcycle Cruiser.

      Latest Cruiser And Standard Motorcycle Reviews

      Custom Cruisers

      Custom cruiser and standard bikes are one of the reasons why our editors travel to remote destinations, go to events packed wall to wall with people, and find the best-looking custom motorcycles. Custom fabricators like Michael “Woolie” Woolaway at Deus Ex Machina and Roland Sands showcase their custom bikes at events all around the country, including some of the largest motorcycle rallies and custom shows.

      Latest Custom Cruisers