Weird And Wonderful Daytona Beach Bike Week, Part 2

More photos of the wild bike week that could only happen in Florida.

Bike weeks all over the world are known as centers for wild motorcycles and wild behavior, with Daytona right at the top of the list. In Part 1 of our Daytona gallery, we showed you Daytona Beach’s Main Street with all of the crazy bikes and trikes that paraded through, as well as some of the characters enjoying the festivities. Now for Part 2 we dive into the custom shows that happen outside of town.

From the Broken Spoke Saloon over to Willie’s Chopper Time and a few stops in between, here are more of our weird and wonderful photos from Daytona Beach Bike Week 2020!

A wild Ironhead trike spotted at Willie’s Chopper Time with some unique modifications and a large thermos of what we can only assume is soup.Savannah Rose
When you want to have the tallest sissy bar in all the land—Broken Spoke Saloon.Savannah Rose
I know what you’re thinking, but trust us, there is a Victory motorcycle in this photo.Savannah Rose
Riding sidesaddle on the Broken Spoke’s swings.Savannah Rose
The “Shoveldead,” as the air-cleaner reads, was stitched together just in time for Willie’s Chopper Time bike show.Savannah Rose
Wide tires + Blaze Orange = Nobody can say they didn’t see you.Savannah Rose
This absurd Kawasaki drop-seat chopper may be the wildest build of the week.Savannah Rose
Does it count as trailering your bike to Bike Week if you trailer it on another bike? Seen at Willie’s Chopper Time.Savannah Rose
Bringing your tchotchke shelf with you on the road. Seen at Willie’s Chopper Time.Savannah Rose
What the SWAT team does on their off time in Florida. Seen at the Broken Spoke Saloon.Savannah Rose
Fat-bottomed bikes make Daytona go ’round.Savannah Rose
Nothing says “tough guy” like a bunch of Barbie heads. Especially if you braided their hair yourself. Spotted at Willie’s Chopper Time.Savannah Rose
A unique prism gas tank with a lot of depth spotted at Willie’s Chopper Time.Savannah Rose
And you thought you couldn’t fit a 300mm rear tire on a Sportster.Savannah Rose
We’ve seen the popular Mexican-blanket-rolled-up-on-your-chopper look, and we’ve seen seats upholstered with the fabric as well. But the whole frame wrapped? Now that’s getting serious.Savannah Rose
Marvin’s copper-plated Dyna and matching helmet.Savannah Rose