Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles are the upright bikes like the classics that many of us grew up on. Read news and reviews here at Motorcycle Cruiser.

Standard motorcycles are the foundation for the machines we see on the road today. Standard bikes are best identified by their natural, upright riding position, with the handlebar and footpegs positioned comfortably. The handlebar is located where most rider’s arms would fall naturally, with the footpegs generally placed directly underneath, or a little forward, of the rider.

Standard motorcycles usually come with a flat seat that places the rider comfortably atop the motorcycle. Because these user-friendly, street-oriented bikes aren't usually fitted with accessories like fairings or bags, some of the models within the standard motorcycle category can also be labeled as naked bikes.

Standard motorcycles come in varying displacements, and because of their universally accessible riding position and reasonable price point, many smaller-horsepower standards make good bikes for beginner riders. Current examples of standard motorcycles include the Honda CB1100R, Triumph Street Twin, BMW R nineT, and Suzuki SV650.

Standard Versus Naked Motorcycle

Existing as a subgenre of the standard motorcycle category, the naked motorcycle represents a more modern take on the classic standard motorcycle styling. Often equipped with a detuned sportbike engine, naked bikes are standard motorcycles built with performance in mind. Some popular models that fall within this category includes KTM’s Duke lineup, Ducati’s Streetfighter and Monster, Suzuki’s SV650, and Yamaha’s MT series.