Motorcycle Touring and Travel

Getting out on the open road and traveling from place to place is one of the passions of the editors here at Motorcycle Cruiser.

Motorcycle touring is one of the core activities of the cruiser rider. Whether it’s to local events or across the country for a huge rally, touring on your motorcycle and letting it stretch its legs is a great way to enjoy the freedom of being a motorcyclist.

The Motorcycle Cruiser editors are always out looking for the best motorcycle touring roads and the best motorcycles to ride them. From the West Coast to the East and from baggers to sport-touring motorcycles, Motorcycle Cruiser is your destination for info on two-wheeled touring and travel.

    Motorcycle Touring Gear

    When you hit the road for a long motorcycle trip, your protective gear needs to protect you from a lot more than just an accident. Motorcycle touring has a tendency to bring you through several different climates and terrains, and your motorcycle touring gear needs to be ready for whatever nature throws at you. 

    From sweltering heat to icy roads, insulation and venting are both a must when it comes to motorcycle touring jackets and pants, as are comfort and style.

    Check back regularly for tips on the best motorcycle touring gear, as well as how to pack for long trips, and more advice for life on the road!

    Motorcycle Trips and Destinations

    When you set out to travel on your bike, you should have some sort of destination in mind. A place that you know that you will end up at, and start your journey home from. This may change along your way, but keep some place in mind.

    Our editors go out in search of these places that you will end up at. No matter if your destination is Mile Zero in Key West, Florida, or the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we’ve found the perfect destinations to end up at. So next time you’re planning a motorcycle trip or looking for some road trip ideas, be sure to check Motorcycle Cruiser for tons of great resources!