2022 Triumph Bonneville Gold Line Edition Photo Gallery

Images and details of the eight limited-run hand-painted Modern Classics.

Triumph’s eight new hand-finished 2022 Bonneville Gold Line Edition models will be available for this year only.Triumph Motorcycles

News that Triumph had updated its Modern Classics series for 2022 came much earlier this year, so we were taken a bit by surprise when the Brits announced another 2022 release consisting of eight limited-edition bikes, all from that lineup. Dubbed the Bonneville Gold Line Editions, each bike is hand-finished with a striking new Gold Line Edition paint scheme, and are available for one year only. The “new” models are the Bonneville Bobber Gold Line, the Speedmaster Gold Line, the Bonneville T120 Gold Line, the T120 Black Gold Line, the Street Scrambler Gold Line, the T100 Gold Line, and the Scrambler XE and XC Gold Line.

Each bike sports an undeniably classy look—and a marked improvement over the stock colors—but there are no mechanical or aesthetic changes to these latest 2022 editions. All these new Bonnevilles receive the same revisions covered in the earlier release, which includes lighter weight, improved braking, and updates to meet Euro 5 emissions. The Gold Line Editions exist solely to showcase the hand-painting skills of Triumph’s paint shop, which paints each one by hand, adding the signature gold striping as an exclamation point.

They’re expected in dealerships by December 2021, but meanwhile you can scroll through for a closer look at each model.

The Speedmaster Gold Line Edition starts at $14,200, and features a Silver Ice fuel tank with a black double-stripe design and foil knee pads, edged with a hand-painted gold line and gold logo. The headlight bowl is black as are the fenders, and side panels get unique gold and silver Speedmaster logos with a gold line treatment.Triumph Motorcycles
One of our favorites in this release is the Bobber Gold Line, which brings a high gloss color with Carnival Red tank and fenders, with Triumph and Gold Line logos on the tank and a black contrast double stripe down the middle. The knee pads also get the hand-painted gold line treatment, and black side panels sport a bright Bobber logo with gold line flourishes. Price is $14,200.Triumph Motorcycles
It’s Silver Ice paint again on the T120, with Competition Green as the secondary hue, which wears a hand-painted gold line around the edges. A Gold Line logo is standard issue as are the green panel stripes with a unique white and gold T120 logo and gold lines. MSRP from $13,100.Triumph Motorcycles
As you’d guess, the T120 Black Gold Line is mostly black, with dark color on the tank, fenders, headlight bowl, and side panels—as well as the wheels. The contrast color is Matte Silver Ice with hand-painted gold line edges throughout as well as a unique Gold Line tank logo. The side panels get Silver Ice graphics with a T120 Black logo and hand-painted gold lines, naturally. This one will cost you $13,100.Triumph Motorcycles
The T100 Gold Line also gets a Silver Ice fuel tank with Competition Green accents that’s got hand-painted gold line borders and elegant Gold Line branding/logo. Green panel stripes further cement its Gold Line status as does a unique Bonneville T100 logo. MSRP is $11,450.Triumph Motorcycles
With a cool blue jeans main color—or what Triumph calls Matte Pacific Blue—the Street Scrambler Gold Line also dresses in a contrasting graphite stripe and gold accents and logo. The hand-painted gold line extends around the foil knee pads, with the side panel also bearing a new gold Scrambler logo. MSRP is $11,950.triumph Motorcycles
The Scrambler 1200 XC Gold Line Edition sports a Carnival Red and Storm Grey color scheme, with a contrasting silver tank stripe edged by a hand-painted gold line. That gold line borders the knee pads as well. All Scrambler 1200 models get engine and exhaust revisions to meet Euro 5 emissions standards. MSRP is $15,100.Triumph Motorcycles
Like the XC, the XE Gold Line also has the same Euro 5 updates announced earlier, but it rocks a striking Baja Orange and Silver Ice tank color, contrasted with a white stripe that’s edged with—you guessed it—a hand-painted gold line. Price starts at $16,500.Triumph Motorcycles
Although it’s not part of this new release, the Street Twin was actually ahead of the game; a Gold Line version was announced back in February as a limited edition, and the 1,000-unit run has sold out.Triumph Motorcycles
On the Gold Line Editions, the gold line is carefully hand-applied by the craftsman, usually in one continuous stroke with a specialized soft-bristled sword-liner brush. Once the pinstripe is in place, it’s sealed with a final clear coat. Details on the new Bonneville Bobber Gold Line include the unique new gold logo with gold stripes at the outer edges.Triumph Motorcycles
The Speedmaster Gold Line’s details include twin black stripes across the silver tank with subtle Gold Line branding. On every Gold Line bike, the artist signs their work with their initials.Triumph Motorcycles
Gold line accents and logo on the new 2022 Bonneville T120 Black Gold LineTriumph Motorcycles