Rad And Vibrant Customs From The 1980s And 1990s

Kaleidoscopes of chrome and color.

Custom motorcycles are a pure form of self-expression. Not only do customs embody the owner’s or fabricator’s vision, but much like the chrome that adorns them, they reflect the popular styles of the time in which they were built. The 1980s and 1990s were decades where motorcycles were kaleidoscopes of chrome and color. Every motorcycle worth its salt flaunted the shiniest chrome, flashiest paint schemes, and most intricate details. Yellows, pinks—the word garish didn’t exist and “too much,” was never enough.

Excavated from the Hot Bike archives, these motorcycles—many of which were seen at the 1993 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally—sport vibrant colors that will make impressions on your retinas. Loud, bright and fast, here are some of our favorite radical customs from the ’80s and ’90s.

The paint scheme on this bright pink Fat Boy screams ’80s album cover art.Wesley Allison
Ed Kerr’s 1990 Softail Springer pops with Porsche Red, white blue flames, and pinstriping.Wesley Allison
The color on Cory Ness’ 1994 Harley-Davidson FXR was inspired by his son Zack’s swimsuit.Wesley Allison
Teal pearl overlaid with persimmon-to-goldenrod flames dress up this 1987 Harley-Davidson FXR SP.Wesley Allison
Hello, blower. A claimed 200 ponies are produced by the 89ci EVO.Wesley Allison
The long tank fabricated by Bob “Mun” Munroe stretches beautifully over the 80ci EVO.Wesley Allison
Actor, musician, and bike builder Rusty Coones painted this mustard/silver 1987 Softail.Wesley Allison
A 1984 FXR frame wraps around an engraved 1981 98ci Shovelhead.Wesley Allison
This ’93 Softail was transformed into a yellow-on-white Horst-custom-painted beauty by Ron Simms.Wesley Allison
After three months of building and two weeks for paint and assembly, this was ready for Sturgis ’93.Wesley Allison
The “Thunder Twin” was fitted with an 88-inch big-bore Pan/Shovel engine to produce a thunderclap.Wesley Allison
Even in poor lighting this Harley’s marbled cyan paint stands out from the other parked hogs.Wesley Allison
The gas tank and frame were modified to flow together so cleanly on Gene Koch’s “Hamster Yellow” FXRH.Wesley Allison
This green and magenta custom couldn’t be missed at the 53rd annual Sturgis motorcycle rally.Wesley Allison
The neon-rose-finished 19- and 16-inch rims on this Sportster XL 1000 really pop.Wesley Allison
Thanks to its multicolor paint that resembles feathers, this FXRC was dubbed “The Chicken Bike.”Wesley Allison
Mike Brown’s 1992 FXRT (at one time) took six months to build. It houses a beefy 106-inch engine.Wesley Allison
It may not be as vibrantly colored, but this honorary inclusion earned its stripes.Wesley Allison