5 Ugliest Bikes Of The 2010s

Five motorcycles that only a mother could love.

Here at Cruiser, we love all motorcycles. Custom and stock alike, two-wheeled machines are our passion. Some of them, however, leave us scratching our heads and wondering what the designers were thinking. Or what happened to any designer's original concept to get so far and make a motorcycle that looks so ugly? Here are five motorcycles from the last decade that, while they may operate well and be a lot of fun to ride, are a little hard to look at.

Kawasaki Vulcan 650 2015-present

This Kawasaki Vulcan 650 is considered one of the top 5 ugliest bikes of the 2010s
The Kawasaki Vulcan 650 uses an engine like the Ninja 650, but fails to hit key points of cruiser or sportbike design.Courtesy of Kawasaki

Functionally, the Vulcan 650 is a great motorcycle. It blends a sporty powerplant with a relaxed riding position to make something unique, comfortable, and fun to ride. Looking at the thing, however, makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon. The tubular frame with lines that seem to just go every which way, the large radiator in the front, the liquid-cooled motor with unnecessary contrasted cooling fins, tons of plastic covers—it all just adds up to a gross amalgamation of cruiser and sportbike that aesthetically loses the appeal of each genre. And then the Cafe version… Well, that’s putting lipstick on a pig, or literally just a small headlight cowl on a cruiser and calling it a café. Luckily Kawasaki has the W800 and Z900RS to help satiate our need for café racers and old-school cool.

Honda CTX700 2012-present

This Honda CTX700 is considered one of the top 5 ugliest bikes of the 2010s
Huge plastic covers around the engine can’t cover enough of the Honda CTX700.Courtesy of Honda

Honda's CTX is a very sensible commuter and brings a handful of nice touring amenities to an affordable midsize platform. It also sort of looks like a rhinopotamus. An excess of plastic covers, a weighty fairing positioned too far forward, big flat exhaust pipe, and the disjointed lines of the trellis frame seem to be an attempt at updating cruiser lines, but result in a lumpy bike that looks like a blend between a '90s sportbike and a Gold Wing. Luckily the N700, which shares the same engine, was styled a bit better and helps to redeem the powerplant.

Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker 2008-2011

This Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker is considered one of the top 5 ugliest bikes of the 2010s
The Softail Rocker is often joked about as the ugliest bike H-D has ever made. We say it's the ugliest bike it has made so far.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

The Harley-Davidson Softail platform has been one of the best-looking lines in the cruiser world for years and years. It's not really arguable—everyone knows it. This one, however, missed that mark entirely. The raked-out front alone wouldn't be too bad, but paired with the chubby seat and huge gap down to the rear fender, the bike just looks like it was designed by committee and lacked a cohesive vision. Use the Triumph Bonneville Bobber as an example of a bike done well in the floating rear fender style.

Yamaha VMAX 1985-present

This Yamaha VMAX is considered one of the top 5 ugliest bikes of the 2010s.
The Yamaha VMAX is an absolute beefcake, but the huge exhaust and intakes make it hard to focus on any other part of the bike.Courtesy of Yamaha

The VMAX is a gnarly motorcycle. It's fast as hell off the line, has a comfortable seating position and ergonomics, but the massive exhaust pipe and intakes overwhelm the design. I know what you're thinking—how could it be wrong if Nicolas Cage rode it in Ghost Rider!? But the beefy muscle-cruiser is another one that tries to blend the lines between a few genres and misses the aesthetic mark. We have seen some really incredible custom versions of this bike, however, so it is possible to get all the amazing performance and a stylish motorcycle if you're willing to put some work in.

Victory Vision 2008-2017

This Victory Vision is considered one of the top 5 ugliest bikes of the 2010s
The Victory Vision is a freight train of a motorcycle with its oversize monocoque bodywork and huge tail bag.Courtesy of Victory

The Victory Vision is an amazing touring bike. It was one of the best high-mile, open road bikes available while Victory was manufacturing it, but the thing looks more like a boat or train than a traditional motorcycle. The bodywork of the Vision leaves a lot to the imagination, not showing any of the chassis, rear suspension, or much of anything other than the engine. While you could argue that the smooth line of the fairing, gas tank, and seat is visually appealing, the monocoque body just strays too much from traditional motorcycle design to sit well with the masses.

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