Weird And Wild Photos From The Lone Star Motorcycle Rally

20 photos of the crazy motorcycles, costumes, and attendees from the rally in Galveston, Texas.

When you just need a bigger engine, there aren’t many options bigger than the Boss Hoss V8.Savannah Rose

The Lone Star Rally is now in its 19th year, taking over Galveston, Texas with live music, vendors, and motorcycles as far as the eye can see. With tons of bike shows, games, a sound-off competition, bike build-off, and local rides, attendees were never short of some two-wheeled entertainment. Unlike so many events we go to, all of the concerts at the Lone Star Rally are totally free! So seeing bands like Hinder, Hairball or Scott Stapp of Creed is as easy as walking up and enjoying the show.

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Hayasimba? Mufasabusa? This wild Hayabusa has some truly incredible Lion King-themed paint throughout its bodywork.Savannah Rose
Matching paint, wheels, and engine covers—when these baggers go for it, they go for it!Savannah Rose
Ah, the elusive Chevy Model-Trike!Savannah Rose
Bobbing for hot dogs was a popular activity and just as much fun to watch as it was to participate!Savannah Rose
Look past that wicked air cleaner at all the skulls molded into the rocker boxes!Savannah Rose
Joker paint, a Halloween suit and a killer Panhead chopper? This guy wins the weekend.Savannah Rose
Being Halloween weekend, many of the rally’s attendees showed up in costume—or at least a silly hat.Savannah Rose
Horns seemed to be a theme among attendees, be it on helmets, hats, or mounted straight to their dome!Savannah Rose
This Dallas Cowboys themed trike had us scratching our heads for quite a while.Savannah Rose
Some big wheel baggers were way over the top and some were works of art—occasionally we’d find one that’s both.Savannah Rose
Wait a sec! Who’s driving that thing?Savannah Rose
Bikers of all ages love the Lone Star Rally!Savannah Rose
Hayabusas and baggers were the bikes du jour at Lone Star Rally.Savannah Rose
We were happy to see Batman, but had to wonder how well he could see through that mask…Savannah Rose
That little skeleton has a hard time reaching up to the handlebars on this VW-powered trike!Savannah Rose
Long skirts on some baggers along the coastline.Savannah Rose
Just a few horny guys hangin’ around the bike lift!Savannah Rose
A couple bikers on their way to raise hell.Savannah Rose
Another rider feeling the Halloween spirit!Savannah Rose