Tobacco Motorwear Launches New Boot Campaign

Our favorite riding jean company now makes motorcycle footwear.

Tobacco Maverick motorcycle boots will be available in black and brown, starting at $299, but available for $70 off when preordered.Courtesy of Tobacco Motorwear

The first time I tried on Tobacco Motorwear’s riding jeans, it was like the clouds parted. They fit perfectly; they didn’t have weird fades or large branding embellishments anywhere. They looked like my old favorite pair of jeans but lined with Kevlar. Now Tobacco is using its tried-and-true method of infusing subtle safety features into stylish everyday-wearable gear to make some boots.

The Maverick boot is designed, like the jeans, to be a more protective version of your favorite gear. The body of the boot is constructed of 2.3mm-thick leather, either amber brown or matte black. Oil-resistant Vibram soles are attached with a Goodyear welt, repairable and resoleable thereby ensuring years of use. Hardened sections in the toe, ankle, and heel help to protect your foot while riding.

A removable latex insole helps make the Maverick boots comfortable from the moment you get them.Courtesy of Tobacco Motorwear

The outer leather has been treated to repel water and a high-tongue design also helps keep the elements out. They’re a classic 14-hole design with all eyelets and no hooks for the laces. The guys at Tobacco assure me the Mavericks break in quickly and, with the removable latex insole, are comfy from the time you get them. We hope to find out soon.

So while we haven’t been able to test these boots just yet, there are a couple of reasons we can trust that they’re something worth getting excited about. First, we know Tobacco and the products it puts out; in our eyes, it can pretty much do no wrong. Next, these boots are made in León, Mexico, which is a popular footwear manufacturing destination, with some other brands we love, like Gasolina, using the same locale.

Maverick boots come with a Vibram sole attached with a Goodyear welt to ensure years and years of reliable use through the ability to resole them once the rubber wears out.Courtesy of Tobacco Motorwear

Priced at $299, the new Tobacco Maverick boot is currently in production, only available for preorder but $70 off before launch. We’ll report back once we get a pair for testing, but for now, check for more information.