Wicked Lasers Flash Torch

Flashlight that can light your way home, start a fire, or cook an egg!

The Flash Torch from Wicked Lasers is one of those you sort of have to see to believe. It works incredibly quickly, and is really something to see when it does. You can light your way home, start a fire, or even put a pan on top of the light and fry up an egg. After bundling up a piece of normal lined paper, the light caught it on fire in just a matter of seconds! Because of the lens on the light, it will only work on something right in front of it, so it's not quite as dangerous as some people are led to believe, but still, err on the side of caution.

The Flash Torch is available for $250, and the mini for $200. Head over to Wickedlasers.com for more information.