Great Deals On Waxed-Cotton Riding Jackets

We found sweet deals from Amazon on seven great waxed-cotton riding jackets

Thanks in large part to the resurgent café bike movement, the popularity of waxed-cotton motorcycle jackets has exploded in recent years. And like the bikes, the fabric itself has its roots in Britain.

It’s an interesting story. Since the dawn of sailing, mariners were aware that wet sails were more effective at capturing the wind than dry ones. One problem: Wet cloth is also heavier, and the added weight negated any speed advantage that wetness might’ve provided. It wasn’t until the 15th century that Scottish sailors began applying grease and fish oil to heavy sailcloth to repel moisture—but that stuff was pretty nasty. In the mid-19th century the Royal Navy was using linseed-oiled flax for its sails and by the turn of the 20th century, lightweight paraffin-waxed Egyptian cotton sails had completely transformed commercial shipping.

RSD Ronin Ranger

The Ranger is the waxed-cotton version of one of RSD's most popular jackets. It sports the same fit and features as the leather Ronin but with a lighter, breathable finish. The body material is naturally water repellent, and leather treatments on the zippers and cuffs offer extra detail. The Ronin features a café-style neck with snap collar, an aggressive fit with rotated, pre-curved sleeves, and dropped length in the back. Available in brown or black; armor not included.Roland Sands Design

Waxed cotton became renowned worldwide for its effectiveness and durability, and by the 1930s British companies Belstaff and Barbour International were using it to manufacture breathable yet waterproof motorcycle clothing.

So as British style swept the custom motorcycle scene over the last decade or so, it also became fashionable with gear. Lighter and tighter are what’s hip these days—and to that end we’ve come up with some great deals on waxed-cotton motorcycle jackets from Amazon. We’ve weeded through the wannabes and stuck to actual motorcycling apparel from respected companies; this is gear that has armor (or supports it) and offers rider-friendly features. Now, be advised that waxed cotton isn’t waterproof, but it does a good job of repelling moisture. The only knock on it is that it’s not very breathable—which makes it great for cool-weather riding in fall and spring.

We’re not sure how much longer this lighter and tighter thing will last, so you’d better catch this waxed-cotton ship before it sails. Who knows? Maybe you’ll ride faster.

Spada Staffy

British gear company Spada offers this very proper riding coat at a fantastic price. Made of dry-waxed twill, it features antique-finish brass hardware and a fixed tartan lining for classic styling and an authentic vibe. It includes a removable thermal lining for year-round use, a storm flap in the front closure, and leather diamond-panelled shoulders. Comes with CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, as well as a foam back pad. Note the waist, collar, and cuff adjustments. It comes in black or brown.Spada

ScorpionExo Birmingham

Scorpion took the traditional waxed-cotton riding jacket and made it waterproof, not just water-resistant. By weaving in nylon then laminating a waterproof/breathable membrane to the back and taping all the seams, Scorpion made the Birmingham water_proof_, not just water-resistant. With reinforcement patches at the elbows and shoulders, bar tacking at all critical stress areas, and armor in the elbows and shoulders, this is a serious riding jacket with serious style.Scorpion

Oxford Hardy

We love this jacket because it has a practical style that should far outlast the trend. The fixed micro-mesh breathable lining, removable and washable thermal liner, and the 70/30 waxed-cotton/polyester blend mean it should be great for year-round riding. Multiple pockets, dual zip chest ventilation, and secured cuffs and collar won’t hurt, either. With shoulder and elbow armor and provision for a back pad, it’s available in olive or black.Oxford

Speed and Strength Straight Savage

Far as we know, this is the only waxed-cotton riding jacket that boasts a “concealed-carry pocket for secure firearm storage.” Speed and Strength's Straight Savage has a combined cowhide leather and waxed-cotton canvas frame with a 1-inch mandarin-style collar. It comes with removable shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors for impact protection, and has a removable hoodie liner for multi-season use. It also sports flexing gussets in shoulders for flexibility and comfort. Get yours in black or brown.SandS

Richa Scrambler

This short waxed-cotton riding jacket is fashioned after the original Belstaff Mojave worn by Steve McQueen. The Richa Scrambler's waxed-cotton outer shell is from British Millerain. The waterproof and breathable liner will keep you dry but allow air to circulate in warmer months; for fall and winter rides, a removable thermal lining is included. There are adjustment tabs on the cuffs and waist and reinforced quilted patches on the shoulders. The CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows can be removed, so you can look like the King of Cool even off the bike.Richa

Alpinestars Ray Canvas V2

From one of the top names in moto-apparel comes this cool-guy jacket. The Ray Canvas v2 incorporates heavy, hand-waxed canvas cotton and poly fabric for breathability and durability. It features triple-stitched seams, two side zippered pockets, zippered wrist closures, and CE-certified Bio-Light shoulder and elbow protectors. It doesn't have a ton of pockets and it's not water_proof_—but it sure is lightweight and good-looking. Available in brown or black.Alpinestars