Holiday 2019 Gift Guide For Motorcyclists

EDC tools and moto gear for the biker in your life.

Motorcyclists are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. Yes, there are a wealth of products for every niche of the sport and a handful that apply to all avenues, but we’re a picky batch and tend to just buy ourselves the things we really need. What I have assembled here is a list of products that every motorcyclist can use, be it tools for the bike, gear accessories to use while riding, or easy-to-carry products to make your time off the bike a little easier.

1. Forcefield Sport Jacket

Forcefield Sport Jacket
Forcefield Sport JacketJeff Allen

All riders have their own style, and while we want to make sure our loved ones are safe and protected while riding, it’s very difficult to match someone’s style and pick a piece for them to wear everyday. That’s the beauty of Forcefield’s independent protective layers—this slim-fitting layer of protection can go under nearly any jacket to protect the rider from impact on his or her elbows, shoulders, and back. The lightweight material is stretchy and comfortable, easy to wear no matter what you have over it. If you want to keep the rider in your life protected, this is an awesome option that takes personal style out of the equation.

2. Prometheus Beta QRv2 Light Kit

Prometheus Beta QRv2 Light Kit
Prometheus Beta QRv2 Light KitJeff Allen

A flashlight is one of three things (knife and pen) I always carry with me and something that has saved my hide countless times. A simple, reliable flashlight can be a lifesaver and your phone is simply not a replacement. The Beta QRv2, or Quick Release version 2, from Prometheus Lights set out to be, simply, the best key chain flashlight ever. It’s deceptively simple, turning on and off by simply twisting the front part of the light and cycling through its three brightness settings as you do so. But the team at Prometheus has worked out any and all kinks of this pure little design, ensuring that this handy little tool will be with its owner for many years.

And being a rider himself, the owner of Prometheus has developed a few products just for us motorcyclists. Quick-release key chains are available in Delrin or Lexan—hard plastics that won’t mar your paint if they whip against it at high speeds due to the wind. Prometheus also makes a magnetic flex-shaft for the Beta that you can stash in your tool roll or saddlebag, easily attaching to any magnetic surface (like a gas tank) so you can use both hands on whatever task is in front of you.

3. Harley-Davidson Overwatch Handlebar Bag

Harley-Davidson Overwatch Handlebar Bag
Harley-Davidson Overwatch Handlebar BagJeff Allen

Harley-Davidson is keeping it simple and functional with the new Overwatch line of motorcycle luggage, our favorite of which is this large handlebar bag. A clear pocket at the top ensures a clear view of your phone for maps while riding. MOLLE straps around the body of the entire bag make it easy to attach, no matter the size or orientation of your handlebars. It attaches and detaches quickly and includes a handful of extra straps and tethers for strapping things to the bag’s exterior. The heavy canvas and water-resistant zippers will stand up to a bit of rain, but are likely to soak through if you’re riding through the wet for hours. This has been on the handlebars of my daily commuter for a couple of months now and is a pretty darn perfect daily bag

4. Zero Tolerance and Kershaw Knives

Zero Tolerance and Kershaw Knives
Zero Tolerance and Kershaw KnivesJeff Allen

Zero Tolerance and Kershaw Knives are essentially two sides of the same coin, making sturdy and reliable knives designed by master makers available at just about any price point. ZT makes high-end knives with some of the best knife makers in the world, using its resources as a major manufacturer to allow these smaller masters of their craft to release a product at a much more approachable price point than their custom and one-off blades. Kershaw is the more affordable brand, making knives anywhere from $13–$190, but utilizing that same expertise in design and material choice to bring a top-quality product, just at a lower price point. Here we have the ZT0350, a bulletproof everyday-carry knife made of S30V stainless steel with a G10 scales and a liner lock—this knife will run you $156, last for years and years, and look good throughout the process. Next to that is the Kershaw Mixtape, an easier stocking stuffer at just $44 made with a 3-inch reverse tanto blade made of 8Cr13MoV steel. The companies let you pick your price point, but either way, you know you’re getting a dependable blade.

5. Treblab X5 Earbuds

Treblab X5 Earbuds
Treblab X5 EarbudsJeff Allen

Treblab X5 earbuds are a simple and easy alternative to in-helmet comm systems, and just a great pair or headphones for when you get off the bike. Sure, you’re not really able to talk on your phone in your helmet or communicate with Siri, but you can listen to your music with surprising clarity, and thanks to the passive noise canceling, you don’t have to crank up the volume to cover up wind and engine noise. The case is small and easy to pocket, and will charge the earbuds while they’re inside. It will depend on the fit of your helmet, but I have had these in underneath my Shoei RF-1200 for a couple of hours with no complaints.

6. Motion Pro Tire Pressure Gauge

Motion Pro Tire Pressure Gauge
Motion Pro Tire Pressure GaugeJeff Allen

Tire pressure is something riders should be checking regularly, but so many of us only have a dinky little pressure gauge that can be unreliable. The Motion Pro tire pressure gauge is sturdy as hell and darned accurate, making it a perfect tool to keep hung on the garage wall next to your bike encouraging you to check your tire pressure before you head out for a ride. I have had the same gauge for three years now and it’s still working just as well as the day I got it.

7. Cardo Bluetooth Comm Systems

Cardo Bluetooth Comm Systems
Cardo Bluetooth Comm SystemsJeff Allen

When it comes to Bluetooth communicators, Cardo changed the game in 2019. By integrating its proprietary JBL speakers, the company has radically improved audio quality and totally changed the experience of riding with music. Using the headset is easy and intuitive as well, with a simple interface on all units ranging from the Packtalks to the Freecoms. Prices and functionality range from one unit to the other, as do the inclusion of the JBL speakers, but Cardo is having an awesome sale for the holidays, including the top-shelf speaker set with the more affordable Freecom 1 and Freecom 2 units.

Stocking Stuffers

8. Slime Tire Tackle Repair Kit

Slime Tire Tackle Repair Kit
Slime Tire Tackle Repair KitJeff Allen

For $8, the Slime Tire Tackle Repair Kit packs a whole lot of punch. It can get you out of a bind and back on the road, and, well, it’s really cheap. This is an easy stocking stuffer and something that has a lot of potential to save you some time waiting for a tow truck.

9. Old Trapper Beef Jerky

Old Trapper Beef Jerky
Old Trapper Beef JerkyJeff Allen

No frills about this one, just some darn good jerky. Stash it in your pocket or saddlebag for a long ride and stretch out the distance between meal stops. It keeps for ages and comes in bags big enough to last you a good while out on the road.