2021 The One Moto Show Gallery

33 photos of the coolest bikes from Portland’s custom moto show.

Under the huge metal roof of the Zidell Barge Building, The One Show proved again why it’s one of the more fun events around.Jason Hansen

Pandemics happen, but the show must go on. And despite the massive odds, The One Moto Show managed to pull itself together for another awesome event in 2021, this time held under the huge metal eaves of the Zidell Barge Building, a historic former shipbuilding location. For some, it was one of the first real custom moto events to ramp up again after a year of lockdowns, and despite the smaller crowds—due to safety protocols—the folks in attendance were clearly stoked to be out among their own people once again.

The Barge Building is a huge steel building originally made for ship breaking (and then repurposed for barge building) so it was an almost ideal venue for custom motorcycles, all kinds of moto art, the 21 Helmets exhibit, and even the Seattle Cossacks stunt team buzzing around in the parking lot outside. There were demos from Indian and Zero. Thor Drake and company never disappoint, and this year was no different, with a flat-track racing component to wrap up the weekend’s activities happening on Sunday evening (although an hour away on I-5). The spaced-out environment never felt too crowded and the custom builds had us dropping jaws, as usual. Prizes were given out in various categories, but mostly, it was just great to see some familiar faces and their machines once again.

Check them out here.

Jeff Wright, also known as @Chvrch, built this custom dual-shocked Indian FTR.Photo courtesy of Indian Motorcycle
A custom 1974 Yamaha XS600 with copper and wooden accents sits in one of the corridors of the Barge Building.Jason Hansen
A 1973 Puch MX125 built by Debbie Brown.Jason Hansen
As always, The One Moto Show is family-friendly.Jason Hansen
One of the flat-track bikes, ready for Sunday’s races, on display in the show.Jason Hansen
The show was spread out and social distancing was encouraged with masks required.Jason Hansen
A freaky hand shifter on Monica’s custom Honda ATC 185.Jason Hansen
Tamara Raye’s 1966 T100C Triumph that she calls “Little Man.”Jason Hansen
This 1984 Yamaha FJ1200-powered racer by Vicious Cycles won Best Japanese Motorcycle.Jason Hansen
Tyler’s 1980 Shovelhead chopper, named “Sourpuss.”Jason Hansen
While The One Show doesn’t focus entirely on choppers, there’s always a healthy display of this classically American art form.Jason Hansen
The 21 Helmets custom “helmet art” exhibit was on full display as well, with its wild variety of one-off Bell lids.Jason Hansen
Tony Pereira’s 1975 Yamaha XS650 cafe racer.Jason Hansen
The Seattle Cossacks doing what they do best—wowing the crowd on their classic American motorcycles.Jason Hansen
At this point, washing off the dirt is washing off the history. Best to leave some things as they are.Jason Hansen
When we think of a recumbent motorcycle, we tend to think of Dan Gurney’s Alligator. But, hey, there’s this too.Jason Hansen
Sportsters are one of, if not the most customized motorcycle in America. Merlin’s Beard, by Cycle Monster, seen here, is a great example of creative expression on the platform.Jason Hansen
Classic Hondas like this CB200 will always strum the heartstrings, like Cameron’s 1975 model seen here.Jason Hansen
Leyla’s classic-style 1999 BMW R100 custom.Jason Hansen
An Icon Airflite helmet lit up like an aquarium and painted to match the custom 1977 Suzuki next to it.Jason Hansen
Dylan’s custom Ducati 848 Turbo was one of the real showstoppers on display.Jason Hansen
Something about lobster-scaled exhaust and turbo piping will always make me stop and stare.Jason Hansen
Chrome won’t get you home, but when you look this good, who cares?Jason Hansen
A long extended springer kicks up the stance on Collin’s ’73 Shovelhead chopper.Jason Hansen
Dirty Adam Baumker’s 1973 Shovelhead took him six years to build, sporting a sweet vintage pair of narrowed Husqvarna handlebars.Jason Hansen
Honda Trail 70s have become real sweethearts of the custom scene lately, from chopper style to flat track to the classic lowrider cruiser style we see here.Jason Hansen
Alex Leathers’ 1977 Yamaha XS650 flat-track racebike.Jason Hansen
Michael Woolaway designed this custom Zero motorcycle with carbon fiber bodywork that can install on a stock motorcycle quickly without any modification to the bike’s chassis.Photo by Andrew Cherney
This 1965 Triumph Tiger Cub by Red Clouds Collective won Best British Bike.Photo by Andrew Cherney
It’s not all bikes, just mostly. Kevin from Dirty Hands Garage sits in his Chevy van outside in the swap meet.Jason Hansen
It wouldn’t be The One Show without some slideways racing! Modern singles take to the track.Jason Hansen
Thor Drake, the man behind The One Show, taking in the final moments on Sunday night.Jason Hansen