Hundreds of meticulous, relentlessly fussed-over one-offs. Dozens of obsessively restored classics. Vintage two-strokes, a bunch of scooters, and a smattering of rat bikes, sidecars, and hybrids. In the background? A dozen electric minikes banging bars in the Dodgy Derby, a “dishonest, unreliable electric minibike competition” according to the banner strung above the plywood-reinforced(?) finish line. All this set in a perfectly patinaed former pickle factory straight out of central casting. Oh, and a rolling espresso coffee stand built into a Ural sidecar just inside the front door. Insanity? It must be The One Show.

You couldn't dream up this kind of creative juxtaposition unless you were someone like Thor Drake, ringmaster of The One Show and owner of See See Motor Coffee Co. And after 10 years of epic custom bike extravaganzas, Drake has somehow managed to keep the combination of bikes and caffeine front and center, all without taking himself—and the scene—too seriously.

The idea started with a bunch of buddies a few bikes and a couple of kegs scattered in a ratty, abandoned old warehouse, but over the years interest increased and the industry took notice. BMW co-sponsored the show several times, and Harley had a crack at it too. Local boys-done-good Icon has been in See See’s corner from the get-go and the partnership has served both parties well.

These days the PA system is better and the beer is craft, while the warehouse is massive and packed with international builders, thousands of attendees over three days, free parking shuttles, and a major, deep-pocketed sponsor, Indian Motorcycle. As part of the pre-party, there was a premiere of Oil in the Blood, the new film about the custom bike scene and the people who ride them. Of the little we've seen, it looks and sounds absolutely addictive. (Check out the trailer here), and it fits The One Show's aesthetic just about perfectly. In fact, Drake as well as several builders in the show have a cameo in it.

Then there were the big-boy races—the first round of the Super Hooligan National Championship (SHNC) kicked off at The One Pro Race at the Salem Indoor Speedway clay oval in conjunction with The One Show, along with separate classes for the Pro, Women’s, Pull-start Minibikes, Kids, and more. Rubber was burned, bikes were slid, and the house was packed. All in all a pretty good Saturday night, am I right?

There may be a good half-dozen “important” custom bike shows on the calendar nowadays, but for format, content, and sheer originality and sense of place, arguably The One Show came first. And the 10th Anniversary edition kept its mission simple: Have fun and ride bikes. A big thanks to Thor and the whole See See crew for seeing this thing through 10 amazing years.

Some of our favorite bits from this year’s show:

full-on metallic candy store
When the sun hit the upstairs galleries of the pickle factory, it was like entering a full-on metallic candy store.Andrew Cherney
Thor Drake
One Show big kahuna Thor Drake debuted his custom Indian FTR 1200 at the show. Pretty sure it got pretty dirty the next day…Indian Motorcycles
Christian Sosa’s bare-metal Panhead
Christian Sosa’s bare-metal Panhead sculpture was not to be missed.Morgan Gales
Moto Mucci’s Husqvarna
Moto Mucci’s Husqvarna build blends vintage style with modern performance.Morgan Gales
GT Motocycles
GT Motocycles brought its A game with the Tonti-framed, big-block Guzzi-powered GTM-01 bruiser.Andrew Cherney
Honda CB750 and BMW K100 café racers
Honda CB750 and BMW K100 café racers on display.Morgan Gales
2018 Indian Springfield custom
The 2018 Indian Springfield custom “King Killer” crafted by Carey Hart’s elite team of builders merges club style and roadracing influences to show a new type of custom.Morgan Gales
Bikes ran the gamut, and retro superbikes were a big attraction at The One Show as well. The new trend is starting to gain some popularity.Morgan Gales
’49 Norton
Couldn’t take our eyes off this ’49 Norton.Andrew Cherney
Reto style
Reto style and modern function—can’t argue with that combination.Morgan Gales
RSD Indian Chief
Also making the scene were a few familiar builds like this custom RSD Indian Chief racer from a few years ago.Andrew Cherney
Lil’ Sucker
The “Lil’ Sucker” had a few people scratching their heads but nobody doubted the amount of fun it would be to ride a turbo-powered Honda Trail.Morgan Gales
J. Shia and Madhouse Motors
J. Shia and Madhouse Motors brought this excellent 1941 Indian.Andrew Cherney
Frank-style Shovelhead
A Crazy Frank-style Shovelhead was lurking up in the chopper room.Morgan Gales
Mooneyes show
Most people had to stop and gawk at the CW Zon BMW custom, “Departed,” fresh from its win at the Mooneyes show.Andrew Cherney
1919 OHC Excelsior boardtracker
Flashback Fab’s Paul Brodie had his 1919 OHC Excelsior boardtracker basking in the good light.Andrew Cherney
Kraus street tracker
This Kraus street tracker nabbed a prime spot in one of the hallways.Andrew Cherney
The One Show
Bikes, coffee, food, art, music…good times at the 10th anniversary of The One Show.Andrew Cherney