Previewing The One Show With See See’s Thor Drake

On the eve of his 10th annual event, he’s trying to do the opposite of everybody else. Which is also the opposite

One Show
The One ShowAndrew Cherney

The 10th annual One Moto Show is going to peel out at the Pickle Factory in Portland this weekend, so what better time to get a closer look at the founding genius behind the raucous moto fest? We dug up a cool piece of video highlighting See See Motorcycles and One Show founder Thor Drake (who will be debuting a custom Indian FTR1200 at the show) and although the Indian Motorcycle logo at the end spoils the party with its ad-like overtones, it's still fun to watch.

Thor’s words of wisdom are the main event: “Typical methods get typical results. If everyone is out trying to do one thing, I’m trying to do the opposite. But the opposite is also what everyone does. So I’m trying to do the opposite of the opposite.” Okay then. Check out more of the bikes, background and Thor’s heavy thought process here:

Even though he won’t admit it, Drake’s something of an innovator. He’s created one of the most unique motorcycle shows in the country from scratch, somehow managing to blend fiercely independent Portland lifestyle with motorcycle art and culture. Even with big-name sponsors stepping in offer support in recent years (hello Indian) and a pay-to-attend structure, the show has stayed mostly true to its freewheeling roots. We’ve seen it happen ourselves, having gone to the very first One Show in a creaky, claustrophobic and abandoned warehouse in Portland’s then-somewhat sketchy industrial district.

The One Show
World-class metal, like this radical beauty from Sosa, packs every corner of The One Show.Andrew Cherney

The current venue is still a warehouse, but it’s a huge one; in fact it’s an old pickle factory (named, appropriately enough, The Pickle Factory) set deep in a busy industrial park in the shadow of Interstate 5. The One Show has evolved too, but for us gearheads and lovers of great design, it’s still a gloriously gritty party we wouldn’t miss for the world. With 200 custom classic and kooky motorcycles from over 90 builders, kick-ass bands like Danava and Mother Mariposa, moto-themed art plus all kinds of food and drink, as well as electric mini bike races; I mean, how could you ignore it? There’ll also be a hooligan-packed flat track race down in Salem, which will be live-streamed at the venue in case you can’t make it.

The One Moto Show “official film” is here: