Spidi Originals Glove Review

Pure and simple, the Originals

Spidi Originals Glove - $100Jordan Mastagni

When it comes to high quality leather, Spidi has been my go-to for the last couple of years. My Fandango jacket sees more road time than any piece of gear I own except the Saint Dyneema woven vest that I wear over it, and for good reason. They are consistently well designed and made of great materials, pure and simple. Their gloves are no different, designed well and made of the best materials, they look simple but a lot more went in to making these than meets the eye.

Spidi Originals Glove - $100Spidi

For starters, the gloves are constructed of goat and sheepskin. The goatskin on the palm feels more like suede and adds an extra abrasion resistant layer. On the back of the hand is the softer, more supple sheepskin with an embossed Spidi Originals logo on the back of the left hand. Although I have found the leather conductive enough to use my touchscreen, there is a double-X of conductive thread designed for just that purpose.

The closure at the bottom of the gloves is about as simple as it gets, with just an elastic strip on the top side making it easy to pull them on/ off, but they doesn't go anywhere if you don't want them to. Fit wise, everyone is different but these gloves fit me perfectly. I have pretty proportional hands with long fingers and these don't have any weird pull spots or stress points. They stretched ever so slightly over the first few days to fit... well... like a glove.

There is no padding to this glove other than the extra layer over the palm. That also means that there is no hard material touching your hand at any point and they're 10/10 comfortable. Comfort over protection is not always a trade I'll take (always wear a condom, kids) but if it's just for shorter rides, I can make an exception.

$100 is a lot to pay for what looks like the coolest pair of gardening gloves I've ever seen, but like I said before, there's a lot more that went into these gloves than it may seem at first. They have been my dailies since I got them a few weeks ago and show no signs of wear past the break-in period. I'll keep pulling my hands into them daily and let you know if anything goes wrong, but from the looks of things, these gloves and I will have many more happy miles together.