Speed-Way Touring Motorcycle Shelter

Keep your bike protected from thieves and the elements

After a couple months of pulling into the office after every rain and being scolded for having a dirty bike, something had to give. As you can sort of see in the video, My place is only covered on 2 1/2 sides, leaving my bike exposed to the elements. To solve this problem, I went scouring the interwebs looking for the most complete cover, that would be the smallest amount of work to use daily. That's where I found Speed-Way Shelter.

From the box, it took about 40 minutes to set up. Once it is all set, it just takes a few seconds to ride your bike in and pull that cover over it. It does take some securing to the floor to insure that it won't blow away in the wind, and the time that takes can vary based upon how you mount it, and to what type of flooring.

Speedway shelter
Speed-Way Shelter all closed upSpeed-Way Shelters
  • Speed-Way Shelters fit virtually all Standard, Sport and Touring Motorcycles as well as Scooters, many ATVs, Bicycles, Riding Lawn Mowers, General Storage & Firewood shelter.
  • Waterproof material
  • Built-In Locking Hardware allows the SPEED-WAY Shelter to be locked in the lowered position.
  • Provides full coverage protection from Sun, Rain, Snow, Dust and other Debris
  • Two Large Side Windows offering full ventilation & full closure window covers
  • Easy to Use – Simple hand-lift retractable function for covering & uncovering your bike
  • Your SPEED-WAY Shelter allows you to park and cover your bike with hot pipes
  • Powder coated steel tube structure for rust protection

If you don't have garage storage for your bike and want to make sure your baby is protected from thieves and the elements, check out SpeedwayShelters.com to see their line of covers!