Sierra Designs Flash 2 Tent

2017 Cruiser Camping Guide

Sierra Design Flash 2 TentSierra Designs

The Sierra Designs Flash 2 proves a full size; full feature tent can still be reasonably lightweight and easy to set-up. The newly-added retractable rainfly provides unhindered stargazing and unmatched ventilation, while maintaining full protection from the elements. This freestanding tent can be pitched anywhere, and the hybrid double/single wall provides quick, dry set-up, even in the rain. Two large double drop doors are uncommonly wide and the gear closets are located away from the doors, so you don't have to climb over your stuff to get in and out. Each Flash 2 also comes with the Night Glow accessory to illuminate your tent with a soft, even glow using just a headlamp. The tent and poles come in separate bags, so the actual tent packing size is 18 X 6 inches which will save even more room in you hard bags for other fun stuff.

Stuffed size: 21 x 6 inches
Weight: 6 pounds 2 ounces

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