Shop Towels That Wipe Up Messes, Large Or Small

Leave the Bounty in the kitchen; these towels go in the garage.

For decades, Bounty has been advertised as the “quicker picker-upper,” a nod to the two-ply paper towel’s alleged exceptional absorbency. Problem is, generally speaking, paper towels are not reusable, which is one of the strongest arguments for washable commercial-grade cotton shop towels. Colors, materials, and sizing vary, as does intended use; a towel designed for mopping up spills should be used as such, not for polishing paint.

Some manufacturers recommend rinsing their towels in a bucket of warm water because machine washing and drying might wear out the towels prematurely. If you opt instead for multi-purpose industrial-grade paper towels and don’t want a cubic-foot box taking up valuable real estate on your bench, you can purchase a roll-type wall-mounted holder. Maybe the design will even complement your soap or hand-cleaner dispenser…

Blue Scott Shop Towels Original are designed to work even when they’re wet. A central-pull box design means the user only touches the towel being dispensed.Amazon
Simpli-Magic shop towels measure 12 x 14 inches and are said to offer the “perfect combination of softness and strength.” Choose from white or red.Amazon