Shoei Transitions Shield

Adaptive motorcycle shield makes you forget the sun was ever a problem

Shoei's Transitions Shields are a godsend. They are so efficient at blocking the sun and require such little effort that they not only solve the problem of glare and sun-blindness, they make you forget it was ever a problem in the first place.

“Our retail customers as well as our dealer-distribution network have been asking us for a top-of-the-line adaptive shield for years,” said Moichi Tsuzuki, SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp, president. “We are excited for the added value the Transitions shield will bring to our customers and for the enhanced visual experience they will now have while riding. Being able to see perfectly in all lighting conditions is optimal for both safety and for a more fun, enjoyable ride.”

I will say that in certain dawn/ dusk conditions when UV rays aren't being transferred the same as when they are hitting directly, the shield does not work quite as well. Nine times out of ten however, this shield is flawless.

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