Shoei RF-1200 in Valkyrie TC-5

My first Shoei, the RF-1200 has opened my eyes to what a helmet should be

I recently got my first Shoei full face helmet and I can not believe I have been riding all these years without one. The RF-1200 is the first helmet I have owned that I was fully happy with. I have always thought that my head was in between a size small and a size medium because in everything else I have had, the small was just too small and the medium was just too big. So I would always have a helmet that felt just the slightest bit to big for me, which I came to find out with the Shoei, makes all the difference in the world! The RF-1200 fits me perfectly, as a true medium should. My head doesn't get bounced around anymore and I can ride confidently that it wont come off if I wipe out.

The fit of the Shoei RF-1200 gets an A+ from this rider, but what about the finish? This thing has made me realize the denial I have been living in with all of my past helmets. Can't get the fit right, wind noise is deafening, wind gets funneled into my eyes, my glasses don't fit and the RF-1200 has answered the bell for all of those complaints. The last helmet I had was a Bell, and no matter what I can't say it wasn't a great helmet, it saved my life when I wrecked on the freeway going 75mph and landed right on the face of the helmet, but the wind noise was so loud. The RF-1200 is wonderfully quiet. You can hear your thoughts and if you are a bit of a kook like me, you can hear yourself babbling to yourself, which isn't really an upside. The RF-1200 comes with a chin curtain and a breath guard, but I didn't need either of them. The helmet keeps the wind out our your eyes all on its own without them. I needed both those pieces and more with previous helmets. The Pinlock anti fog system works like a dream. I was just caught in the rain and closed up all the vents and I was locked down and secure. No fogging of the shield and no water leaking under the shield.

The RF-1200 has a great field of view. You have a great deal of peripheral vision. I threw on the smoked shield to help my morning rides directly into the sun. Changing out the shields on this helmet is a breeze. No tools needed and you don't need to be a brain surgeon to figure it out. The Pinlock anti fog system is a snap to install as well.

I am in love with this helmet. It hits the nail on the head when it comes to fit and finish. It has some great styling as well, the shell has a great design that not only looks great, it cuts through the wind with minimal resistance. I give the Shoei RF-1200 two thumbs up and I am pretty bummed that I have been riding for 10 years without it. That is the past and Shoei is my future!

For the complete specification information check out Shoei's Site Here!