Sure, there are open-face helmet communicators out there, but the vast majority of them of are pain-in-the-ass add-ons. You know: Clamp a big honking brick to the outside of your lid, tuck in the damn wires around the liner, hope you get the speakers positioned right, and route the mic carefully around the helmet edge—and then hope everything plays well together. Grrrr.

Sena's new communicator looks like it wants to change that tired scenario, and we're all for it. For one thing, the new Savage is integrated; everything's been prepackaged and stuffed into Sena's own proprietary lid. It looks like your classic three-quarter open-face motorcycle helmet, but one that packs Bluetooth 4.1 technology within. What that means is riders can connect with up to three other riding buddies via the built-in intercom for up to 1 mile away, listen to their tunes, get GPS directions, or take phone calls. We're hoping there's a better chance the whole shebang will fit and sync up like it's supposed to the first time out (we've been using Sena stuff for years and can vouch for its quality).

Operating the thing should be familiar to anyone who owns a Sena product; an exterior jog dial that's nicely integrated into the lid allows the rider to scroll through the helmet's functions. HD-quality speakers are tucked into the ear cavities of the helmet, while the microphone is cleverly and discreetly routed within the upper rim of the helmet. Sena also says the Savage was engineered with Advanced Noise Control technology, which is supposed to drastically decrease the impact of annoying wind noise, so your communications from the road will be way more clear. Riders can also link the Savage helmet with the Sena App (for Android or iPhone) to configure their device settings and create radio station and Speed Dial presets.

The Savage has the classic lines of a three-quarter helmet, but with a full-featured Bluetooth communicator inside. That exterior jog dial easily accesses all the functions.Sena Technologies

The lid itself is constructed with a composite fiberglass shell and gets multi-density EPS inside for impact protection. The helmets can be had in sizes XS through XXL, are available in Matte Black or Gloss White and include both long and short visor options.

The Savage looks like a welcome piece of gear for open-face helmet riders, but it's not cheap; the Savage retails for $399 (available directly through Sena at