Schuberth M1 Helmet

The stealthy lid comes ready for plug-n-play comm setups

It's what Iron Man would wear if he were into matte black. A Stark contrast to glossy colors, if you will...Courtesy of Schuberth

Man, helmets sure have modernized since I first threw one on way more years ago than I care to admit (cough cough 1989). Back then, if you wanted to get word to the pack or passenger it was all hand signals and shouting. Although not the same hand signals and shouting generally reserved for bad car drivers. Helmets like the M1 here make communications much easier and clearer.

The German made Schuberth M1 helmet is a combination of light weight comfort and modern style and comes with built-in speakers and boomless microphones that are ready for the plug-and-play Bluetooth Schuberth Rider Communication system. The helmet can be used with or without the face shield and features a drop down sun visor.

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