Saint Model 1 Unbreakable Denim: Review

The world's first unlined CE certified jeans are almost perfect

Saint Model 1
Morgan Gales wearing the Model 1s on the Bonneville Bobber launchTriumph Motorcycles

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. Moto jeans are REEEEAAALLLLY hard to get right. Most of my favorite companies, that do everything else brilliantly, tend to completely miss the ball when it comes to making protective jeans that I will actually wear. Cue Saint, what I would call the world's most fashionable motorcycle gear brand. They had a new pair of armored denim, that didn't have the hot and bulky liner that I had gotten so used to hating. I had tried out their Kevlar Roaches last year, and the fit was a little too snug, even for lanky ol' me, so I was eager to get the new pair and test them out.

My first thought upon getting the new pair-- damn fine packaging. I know it has very little to do with the product, but they are packaged very well with information on exactly what you're getting. It's always nice to get something that feels like a present. Hell, it's the little girl in me, shut up.

My second thought: the pads are way too stiff. I wore the pants with the armor for one day and not too far into it, I realized that I would have to make a decision between keeping the pads in or wearing the jeans regularly/ throughout the day when I go to work. Luckily, unlike some other companies that just use cotton, you can take the pads out and still have yourself a good pair of abrasion resistant pants. Still, you're paying for the pads, it would be nice if they were a little softer or able to remove/ replace without taking the pants off, so you could switch from casual to riding more easily.

Saint Model 1
Saint Model 1 Unbreakable DenimSaint.CC

A big problem that most of you know about riding in casual pants, is the stress points on your butt and knees. Normal pants aren't made for extreme sitting (aka motorcycle riding), and don't have the elasticity necessary to flex around those points. Saint has taken care of this with elastic fit sections around the knee and a little bit of a more spacious fit around the waist. Unfortunately, this also translates to extra fabric above the knees and through the thigh, which causes an award fit as they taper down to a more fitted calf.

In short, if you're looking for the best looking pair of abrasion resistant jeans on the market, I would fully recommend Saint's denim. On armored denim and the Model 1s, I would say that they are very close, but the fit just isn't where I want it to be and the pads are a little too invasive.

Now, I am a total dork when it comes to 99% of Saint gear. I love supporting a smaller brand run by real riders that produce the type of gear I actually want to wear. It's their Unbreakable Denim Vest I am wearing damn-near every day and in a ton of my video reviews here on the site, so I hope they make some adjustments to the fit and add access to the knee pads from the outside, because then these might be the perfect pair of moto jeans I have been waiting for.

As it stands, if you're looking for both impact and abrasion resistance, and even some with the added bonus of waterproofing, I cannot recommend Rev'it! highly enough. While they are not CE certified, their SEEsmart padding is flexible and breathable, and their technical fabrics are not too heavy or bulky.

To see the rest of their line, check out Saint.CC