Rokform Predator Case

Minimalist metal case for iPhone 6/ 6s

Rokform Predator Case
Rokform Predator Case with iPhone 6sStaff

When I started the job here at Cruiser I received a company phone. I had a Samsung Galaxy, which I loved, but the company provided me with an iPhone 6s. Most people would have been super stoked, but all I kept thinking was how damn fragile the thing was. I didn't even want to use it in fear of dropping it and shattering the screen. Well Rokform not only took all of my worry away, they made my handling of my phone so much better.

The Predator is CNC Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum. They have designed this case to protect from almost any scenario and with covering the least amount of the phone surface. Your phone is protected if dropped on one of the corners, the sides, back and most importantly the front. The case doesn't interfere with any of the buttons, camera, charging port or speaker. The predator doesn't add hardly any weight, only 1.4 ounces to be exact, nor does it take up any more space in your pocket.

Rokform Predator Case
Rokform Predator Case magnet mounted on H-D Sportster Forty-EightStaff

One of the greatest features that Rokform does, is the magnetic case. I use this feature all the time. You get a magnetic puck to adhere to your car dash for easy mounting. For me and my truck, I don't have a spot for that puck so I installed it on my bed frame. I love it there, it's right by my head, I can charge it and it keeps my nightstand free of a phone and a charging cable flopping around. The magnet on the back of the case is covered by a rubber pad that keeps whatever you are sticking it to safe. I was on a Sportster Forty-Eight for a while and I would stick the phone right on top of the tank and have maps up and running. Not only did it not put one scratch on the tank, I rode on the freeway with it right there on the tank and not once did it even budge. Rokform has put a lot of time and effort in designing the magnet system that is safe to other electronics, cards, camera etc.

I love everything about this phone case. And these days being so dependent on our cell phones you want to have the best experience possible.

Rokform Predator Case
Rokform Predator Case with hardware and the single tool needed to take it on and offStaff


The Rokform Aluminum Predator iPhone 6/6s Case is slim, compact and lightweight- the perfect complement to your iPhone. Get the sophisticated look of an aluminum iPhone case without the bulk or signal loss. The dynamic Predator iPhone 6/6s Case is CNC machined from 6061 T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and weighs a mere 1.4 ounces.


The Rokform Mountable Aluminum Predator Case for iPhone 6/6s is designed, engineered and CNC machined in Orange County, California. When you shop with Rokform, you can remain confident that you are hare receiving a top quality product that is held to the highest quality standards possible, because they are made right here, under our roof.


Since 2011, Rokform has been the pioneers of Safe Magnetic Mounting for iPhone. The iPhone 6/6s Aluminum Predator Case features a Roksafe magnet, which you can use to mount your device to any magnetic metal surfaces or one of our magnet mounts. It is guaranteed safe, and will not affect your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Credit Cards, Apple pay, Data Transfer or Camera.

Rokform Predator Case
Rokform Predator Case and magnet back detailStaff


The design of the Rokform Aluminum Predator Case features a 4-Point Guard which helps you maintain a scratch free phone. The wrap around feature gives your iPhone a slight lift off whatever surface it is placed on, helping you avoid scratching your screen. Additionally, the anti-slip grip keeps your phone secure and safe from sliding around.


Mount your phone to just about any flat, hard surface with a BAM Magnetic Mount that’s included with your iPhone 6/6s Case, for a complete hands-free experience. This discreet magnetic mount works with the Predator iPhone 6/6s case and is incredibly easy to install. Simply peel to reveal the 3M™ tape, stick to a clean, flat, hard surface, and let the magnets get to work.