Riding Enough Meter from Aerostich

Are you riding enough? Now you can know for sure!

ride enough meter
Are you Riding Enough? Meter from AerostichAerostich

Are you riding enough? How can you be sure? Let you restless nights end here, with the new Riding Enough? Meter from Aerostich!

Clip to your riding suit and always know—via solar, lunar, motion and precipitation sensors—if you are riding enough. WiFi-linked smartphone app provides real-time data logging. Easy setup informational matrix lets you evaluate your riding by rain, heat, snow, cloudy, sunny, hot and seventeen additional ambient variables. Resettable at whatever intervals from 1 to 100K in either mi/km. Includes Aerostich add-on indicating when to wash your sox, underwear or Aerostich suit. Cross-link to Sunsprite (www.sunsprite.com) to learn if you if you are getting enough sunlight, too. Secure pocket clip. Waterproof. Includes two 357D button batteries and walnut. 2"×1.7 x.8". Tan.