Rev’it! Vaughn Jacket Review

Rev’it!’s rocker style moto jacket tested and reviewed

Vaughn Leather Jacket
Rev’it Vaughn Leather JacketSteve Franks

The leather jacket is a timeless symbol. Most of us will think back of the iconic Schott Perfecto adorning Marlon Brando in the Wild Ones.

“What’re you rebelling against Johnny?”

“Whaddya got?”

Well Rev’it! Has reached a little deeper into their bag of tricks and pulled out some vintage inspired styles this season, with the same functionality and protection we’ve come to expect from them. Leading the pack is this timeless side-zip black leather jacket, evoking those classic rocker vibes and clean cafe racer style.

With the outer shell made entirely of buffalo leather, the jacket is soft and supple but carries good weight. Rev’it!’s patented SeeSmart padding is equipped in the shoulders and elbows when you get the jacket, but those areas also have a little bit of soft padding in them which makes the usually slim and subtle pads appear a little more bulky. The Vaughn feels broken in from the moment you get it and doesn’t require a lot of wear to become very comfortable.

Rev’it! Vaughn Jacket
Shoulder detail on the Vaughn Jacket-- guest starring some of the bugs that I’ve killed with my shoulder.Jordan Mastagni

The Vaughn Jacket has an insulating layer but comes without a liner. I tend to take my liners out when I get them and use a flannel or something instead, so I like when a jacket is clean and simple inside without an extra zipper or buttons.

When fully zipped, the side-zip’s double layered leather almost completely cuts the wind. When you want a little ventilation, you can zip it down a few inches and the top corners snap in place, holding it open and completing that rocker look. At the bottoms of the sleeves you’ve got about a four inch V-cut vent as well. The sleeves leave a little bit of room at the wrist which is perfect if you like to put a layer under your leather.

A pocket is included in the back for armor, if that's something you decide you want to add. There are two elastic snap-loops near the waist inside the jacket to attach it to your belt and keep it from riding up in the wind, as well as a zipper for attaching it to Rev'it!'s belt accessory or some of their riding pants.

At $650, the Vaughn finds itself at the higher end of the pricing spectrum but also provides the high-end styling of an expensive designer jacket.

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Vaughn Leather Jacket
Rev’it Vaughn Leather JacketSteve Franks