Rev'it! Millburn Jacket: Review

Four-season riding jacket tops fit and function, with a great price

When receiving a jacket to test, I have a checklist of sorts that I work my way through. It’s about what you would expect-- fit, material, style, protection and price. Normally if a jacket gets the first four down, the price tag sees the consequences; and if it’s on the cheaper side of the spectrum, you’re usually sacrificing somewhere else. Rev’it’s Milburn Jacket hit all categories with a price point and level of functionality that most four-season jackets just can’t touch.

revit millburn
Rev'it's Millburn jacket looks at home on the city streets or out scrambling through the desertMonti Smith

I have always hated jackets with an elastic section at the bottom. I have a long torso and the jacket would ride up when I sit down and eventually work its way above my hips. Far from ideal while riding. The elastic on this jacket is different. A non-stretch portion in the back keeps the jacket from cinching too tight and two belt loops on the inside can further ensure that it won't ride up on you. The elastic section at the wrists keep most of the wind out and tuck nicely into your gloves.

The outer shell is made of a thick poly/cotton twill that feels like a rugged canvas. The material wicks water, but if you're riding in the rain for a while, it will eventually soak up. It's the Hydratex G-liner that keeps any of that water from getting past the shell and onto you, while remaining breathable.

The thermal liner for this jacket is one of its best features. Snapping out quickly and easily, the liner makes this jacket incredibly warm. I have been riding in 30-degree weather with a toasty torso thanks to this bad boy, and it has quickly become my inclement go-to. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I reach for it in cold weather even when not riding.

millburn jacket
Rev'it! Sport Millburn Jacket - BlackRev'it! Sport

Nearly every time I wear this jacket, someone mentions how nice it looks (I know, right? I'm blushing). It looks like a nice, fashionable and functional jacket, and nobody would guess that it has their sneaky SEEsmart padding built in. Subtle details like the reflective strip on the back point to motorcycle functionality, but if you're not a rider or a car behind you at night, you would probably never notice.

Rev'it's SEEsmart pads are thin, flexible, and hard to notice. I have an incredibly low tolerance when it comes to invasive pads. I would rather be able to move unimpeded than have my elbows and shoulders protected with thick, stiff padding. Maybe that's stupid, but hey, we all make our own choices. Rev'it's padding is soft and subtle enough to leave in the jacket and forget about. I don't feel it on my arms when I bend my elbow, and I don't look like a linebacker with huge bulky shoulder pads, but knowing it's there gives me a little more security than the jackets which pads I remove.

Most textile motorcycle jackets hit right around this $300 price point, but I am yet to see one with this level of functionality. From the liner, to the construction and high quality materials, this jacket is well rounded and incredibly versatile. It quickly became my favorite non-leather jacket (my leather is so sentimental!), and has already seen thousands of miles. For the price, you'd be hard pressed to find yourself a better jacket that can do more for you on and off the bike.