RadFlagz Help Bikers In Distress

New product helps riders signal for roadside help.

RadFlagz’s universal biker distress signal.Courtesy of RadFlagz

The sense of community among motorcyclists is one of the most awesome parts of being a rider. If you’re pulled off on the side of the road, whether you need help or not, other riders passing by are likely to throw a hand signal or even stop to make sure you’re all right. But being that rider on the side of the road is a tough place to find yourself. Sometimes you need help, sometimes you’re just stopped to see how close the next gas station is. Now there is a product that will save you from waving your hands at passersby trying to flag down some help when you really need it—RadFlagz is a new universal distress signal that can hang from your handlebar on the side of the road.

RadFlagz, the universal motorcycle distress signal, packs up small and is easy to stash on your bike.Courtesy of RadFlagz

The flag itself is about 2 inches wide and will hang about a foot and a half down off your handlebar. Made of a bright material with a reflective stripe down the middle of both sides, the RadFlagz will velcro onto handlebars of just about any size and is easily noticed from a long distance away, even at night thanks to the reflective strip. It packs into a small container about the size of a pill container, making it easy to stash in a jacket pocket or saddlebag.

For $13, the RadFlagz is an easy item to buy and forget about until you need it, but when you need it you’ll be glad it’s there. Head over to RadFlagz.com to check it out.