PRONG cordless cell phone charger, case and backup battery

The all-in-one solution to your phone's battery needs!

Prong PWR Case for iPhone 6 has 2x battery life and sells for $99Prong

When you're out on the road you need to have a working phone. It doesn't need to be in front of your face or clipped right on your bars all the time, but you need to have it with you and know that should the unfortunate occur, you're going to be alright. Or heck, maybe you're just reeeeeally curious about who has liked you latest Instagram post. Whatever phone battery situation you may find yourself in, the Prong PWR Case has your back.

With the battery on, the case still fits and sits in my RAM Mount just fine. The way the case slides into the battery is very firm and secure, and the plug on the back doesn't feel flimsy at all. This is a product that I have been giving daily abuse for months now and it has held up like a champ.

Quick-Release Detachable Battery
The detachable battery provides the flexibility to take the backup battery when you need it and leave it charging when you don't. You can plug the battery into an outlet to recharge while your phone remains in the sleek inner case all the time and never has to leave your side.

LED Charge Indicator
The backup battery has an LED indicator on the inside and the outside so you can monitor how much juice remains in the backup battery, whether it's attached to your phone or plugged in across the room.

Integrated Charging Prongs
Unlike any other case on the market, the backup battery of the Prong PWR Case has built-in prongs so you can charge up anytime, anywhere and never need to carry around a clunky standalone charger.

Quick-Charge Technology
Uses the most advanced charging technology on the market, delivering a 1 Amp charge, the fastest charge-rate permitted by Apple.

Backup Micro USB
In addition to the integrated prongs, the PWR Case also has a micro-usb port and comes with a micro-usb charging cable so you can use a cord to charge up if you are in your car or at your desk.

Durable Polycarbonate Construction
Made with polycarbonate composite to ensure that your phone stays protected from drops and scratches.

Right now the cases are only offered for the iPhone 5 and 6 (s models included), check out their website for more information!