PIAA LED Headlight Installation | LP550 5" Driving Lights

Yamaha Zuma 125 project

Yamaha Zuma Project with the New PIAA Headlightsstaff

Let me just start out with, yes this is a scooter and no I am not trying to pass it off as a valid replacement for your actual motorcycle. But hey, I love toys, I want as many as I can fit in my garage. I bought this Yamaha Zuma 125 originally for the desert when I go camping to get around and to the john when needed. I paid 800 bucks for this thing and it runs like a champ. It had just been registered before I bought it so I figured I'll ride it on the street for kicks until the registration is up next year and I will put it on non-op for camping trips. Now I live 5 miles from the office and this thing is actually really nice to commute on. It tops out at 60mph which is plenty fast for side streets. I know it is a scooter and goofy lookin, but this is Motorcycle Cruiser and nothing we own stays stock or looks goofy.

PIAA LP550 5" LED Driving Light Kit, SAE Compliant $349staff

This is where PIAA comes into play. How can something look lame with their iconic caged LED lighting on it? We ordered a set of their LP550 5" LED Driving Light Kits to swap out for the stock halogen lamps in there and the diameter was the same so all I had to do was fab up some mounting brackets to seat them in the bike's buckets. The kit is priced at $349 and comes with wiring and a switch if you wanted to add them to a project instead of replacing. I love the look now, I already stripped off the turn signals, mirrors, rear tail section mud flap thing.

Stock Halogen Headlamps on the Yamaha Zuma 125staff

We have a lot more in store for this little scooter than just lighting. We are in the works with a pretty reputable scooter shop in Signal Hill, CA Drowsports for a new engine and some beefed up suspension. I still plan on taking this out to the desert and I will have it out in Pismo Beach this upcoming June so we will see how it does in the dunes, stay tuned for that, but I think I will keep it registered as well. It is kinda fun to whip around the city, but I won't be selling my "big boy bike" any time soon I assure you. Stay tuned for more on this fun little side project!

Yamaha Zuma 125 Stripped Down on with PIAA 5" LED Lightsstaff
The PIAA Headlights Installed in the Yamaha Zuma 125staff