Pando Moto Capo Rider Jacket Review

Classic trucker-style denim jacket with armor and Cordura Coolmax

pando moto capo rider
Morgan Gales in the Capo Rider jacket from Pando MotoIndian Motorcycle

Motorcycle clothing has come a long way in the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Protective apparel is getting lighter, thinner and stronger. What used to just be cotton with an armor pocket is now Cordura or woven with Kevlar, Dyneema to provide more protection against abrasion. It’s thanks to companies like Pando Moto who are pushing the limits of single-layer protective gear to make more comfortable gear that’s easier to wear, but still provides the same protection should things go south.

The Capo Rider from Pando Moto is simple, clean and effective. If you didn’t know it was moto, you would never guess. It has a little bit of a western feel to it with the cut of the pockets, but still has a modern slim fit. Equipped with armor in the elbow, shoulder and back - this is a perfect option for travel and use every day, then adding the impact protection when you need it. Having had this jacket for only a month now, it has already come on many trips and will see many more.

Pando Moto denim jacket
Pando Moto Capo Rider interior armor pocketsPando Moto

The shoulder panels have elastic sections to allow some stretch when you’re reaching up for the bars, and riveted vents in the armpit to help keep the air flowing. The entire jacket is constructed of 12.5oz Cordura Denim with Coolmax. The Cordura is four times more abrasion resistant than typical denim and the Coolmax will help wick sweat away from the body to the outer layer of fabric where it can dry.

The only pockets on this jacket are the two upper chest pockets, which doesn’t give you a ton of storage options. The fit is slightly adjustable with two straps on the lower back, but these are just as much to help with the classic Trucker jacket feel as they are with fitment. When you get going real quick, if you don’t have it buttons up all the way, the collar can flap against your helmet, but really that’s all I can complain about.

Pando Moto cordura denim jacket
Cordura denim with Coolmax used in the Pando Moto Capo JacketPando Moto

It’s a solid, great fitting, comfortable jacket for a fair price (technical fabrics and included armor considered). This being the first piece I have tested from Pando, I’m impressed and looking forward to testing out the pair of pants I just received from them as well.

This jacket is available for $335/€300 at