Oscar by Alpinestars Charlie Denim Review

Slim, dark washed motorcycle jeans with reinforcements and kevlar

oscar riding jeans
Charlie Denim riding pants from Oscar by Alpinestars
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If I've said it once, I've said it like... six times. Everything that we've tried from Oscar by Alpinestars has an eye to the timeless style of the past, but implements the technical know-how and protective technology of the modern era. The Charlie motorcycle jeans are, in my opinion, the best looking pair of functional motorcycle jeans that we have tested. While there was one area for improvement, the Charlie jeans are a very solid choice for the everyday rider.

Charlie motorcycle jeans
Slim fit and dark wash make the Charlie a big hit with the hipster crowd
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Most jeans in this category have some sort of fake fade to them. Maybe it's just me, but I hate that. I want to wear my jeans in on my own, not have a blasting machine or someone with some sandpaper do it for me. It has been hard to find a pair of good, reinforced jeans that aren't crazy hot in the summer or fit like Lee Pipes. Of course I can count on Oscar. A solid dark wash that looks like a pair of selvedge jeans with about the same price tag, but no protection. They also have the little styling details we're used to seeing on other pieces in this line. The pockets have a cool pattern stitched on there in contrasting thread. There is a leather belt look on the back with the Oscar logo. On the front right pocket there is a small leather piece with a brass D-ring to hook your... keys? I don't know, it looks cool. The front pockets are reinforced with rivets and-- this is a huge on for me, the bottom of the back pockets are reinforced. I know that may not sound like a big deal, but when you ride all the time with your wallet or cell phone of ANYTHING in your back pocket, they'll wear through eventually. It has happened to me on tons of jeans, and this little detail will help this pair last for many more miles.

Oscar riding jeans
Pocket and belt loop detailStaff

The fit is slim, but the heavy denim was designed with a little bit of stretch to make sure they stay comfortable. Behind the denim in the knees and butt are panels of Aramid fiber blend to resist heat, tearing and abrasion. CE rated armor came in the knees, which I found fine while riding a bagger or something with my legs stretched out a little further in front of me, but a little too thick while riding anything more aggressive with bent knees. It is nice knowing that even if you take out the impact resistant armor, the Aramid is still there just in case.

For the price, at $270, they're on the higher side of what we're used to seeing, but not absurd. Considering the style and how much nicer they look than most of the other moto pants we've tested, they're definitely going to be worth it for some of our more fashion minded riders. Considering the riveting, reinforced pockets and heavy denim, they'll probably last you through many seasons of riding as well. I know that if I'm out riding in fair weather, now these are the pants I'm most likely wearing.