Ogio Throttle Pack Backpack in Stealth

A deeper look into the new Ogio Throttle Pack

Looking for a travel backpack that will stick with you off-road? The Throttle Pack will keep you moving at your highest caliber while giving you the durability, storage and organization you need. Whether it's sunshine or rain, the protective and water resistant rain hood protects all of your belongings from the elements. Under that hood is a drawstring opening that gives you ultimate storage space. Fleece-lined pockets keep your electronics and sunglasses protected from scratches while you conquer your next adventure. Other organization pockets keep everything in order so nothing ever gets misplaced. Once you've packed your bag full, fasten the sternum strap for maximum comfort and start your journey with the Throttle Pack.

We got this backpack in and immediately packed it with as much of our stuff that we had lying around. We ran out of goodies to feed the Throttle Pack before it was full. With pockets and pouches all over the Pack you will never need another backpack. Separate pockets for laptop phone and tablet are positioned perfectly in a padded compartment that is on the back of the Pack. This makes your most expensive items locked down securely while walking down the street. There is no way a thief could pick-pocket that compartment. I was interested to see how having a laptop right against your back would feel and i was surprised that it not only was not uncomfortable, it seemed to give a little more support for me. Having the compartment actually padded along with plushly padded shoulder straps makes for an extremely comfortable wear even with a full heavy load in the Pack. If you ride rain or shine you are covered. The main compartment has a drawstring to snug down your belongings and on top of that is a rain hood that is secured by two straps.

It is never fun riding with a backpack and we would all rather not have to use one. If you commute daily and you do need a backpack finding the right one for your needs and that is also comfortable and convenient is no easy task. The Ogio Throttle Pack does an excellent job of satisfying all of those needs. It has definitely won this riders approval. Thanks to the Ogio Throttle Pack backpack my 60-mile daily commute is a little more enjoyable.


-External access hanging padded computer sleeve with water resistant rain hood
-2 external side pockets for beverage / small items
-1 large front pocket
-1 fleece lined electronics pocket
-2 way adjustable sternum strap
-2 internal organization pockets


Dimensions: 20" H x 11" W x 7" D
Weight: 1.9 Lbs.
Capacity: 1700 Cubic Inches
Laptop Pocket: 17.5"h x 11.5"w x 1.5"d