NoviStretch Covers for your Harley-Davidson

Stretch-to-fit covers protect the paint on your H-D

NoviStretch, stretch-to-fit protective covers developed specifically for Harley-Davidson, are the only American-made product of their kind, created with breathable, durable fabric that protects Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with Bat-Wing Fairings and factory hardbags.

“When developing NoviStretch, we wanted to make sure the fairing mask was made of breathable and easy applicable fabric that protects the front of the motorcycle without damaging the paint,” said Andy Holeman, owner and creator of NoviStretch.

“We know how important it is to keep your Harley free of road grime and dirt when you’re out on the open road and NoviStretch offers a quick, convenient and affordable method.”

NoviStretch Quick Facts: • Made in America
• Stretch Fit Design
• Quick instillation and removal
• Washable and compact size
• One-year warranty

NoviStretch performance protective covers are available at, as well as various retailers and dealerships.

About NoviStretch NoviStretch is an easy-to-use, cost-effective performance protective cover designed specifically for Corvettes (C5 through C7), Camaros (5th generation) and Harley-Davidson. NoviStretch operates under Novigo Designs, a product development firm with offices in Nashville, TN and Newark, DE that creates unique consumer products to create meaningful consumer value. Novigo Designs develops products in the automotive and motorcycle industry by drawing inspiration from the opportunity for simple, marketable innovation. To learn more about NoviStretch, visit