Normal Brand Top Side Backpack

Leather and canvas backpack built to last

When one is looking for rugged outdoors gear, there are generally two ways to go: natural or synthetic. Synthetics have rip-stop, waterproof treatment, tend to be lighter weight and more technical, and usually require no maintenance. Natural materials tend to be a little more involved, requiring treatment to keep them waterproof but gaining character over time. But one of the best things about natural materials is that they generally won't melt if you put them too close to your campfire or they happen to rub up against your exhaust pipe.

The Top Side Backpack by the Normal Brand, isn't designed specifically for motorcycle use, but it is designed for hard, daily wear. There is a large main pocket with a section for a laptop and a separate one for a tablet. The canvas and leather both come treated to be water-resistant right out of the bag. There is an easily accessible multi-purpose flap-pocket in the front, perfect for storing a camera or any other items you may need quick access to. Very importantly for riders: there is a D-ring closure to secure the straps and keep them tight while on the bike.

This bag is designed to be worn in and out of the city, durable enough to take out on your adventures but stylish enough to carry to work for the day. We've been bashing this bag to the best of our ability and it has been taking it like a champ, starting to show a little wear now and gaining the character of its new owner.

If you're looking for a versatile and stylish bag that can stand up to whatever you put it through, will last you ages, and won't melt when you set it a little too close to the coals, the Top Side Backpack is an awesome option.

The Top Side Leather Backpack retails for $199.99 and is available at

The Normal Brand- Top Side Leather Backpack
The Normal Brand- Top Side Leather Backpack. Adjustable sides and brass magnet clips.
The Normal Brand- Top Side Leather Backpack. Across the chest strap.
The Normal Brand- Top Side Leather Backpack
The Normal Brand- Top Side Leather Backpack. Laptop sleeve with closure.