Indian Motorcycle 2024 Scout Line First Look

Scout, Bobber, and Rogue bikes return to cruiser series with no changes.

The 2024 base-model Indian Scout rolls into the new year unchanged. Even last year’s new Maroon Metallic color scheme is back.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle delivered breaking news regarding its 2024 lineup with the FTR x 100% and Challenger Elite models earlier this month but for the brand’s Scout series, the storyline is much more ho-hum. The last big splash in the company’s cruiser lineup was the debut of the Rogue and the Rogue Sixty in 2022, but for 2024, it’s business as usual, with all seven models returning unchanged except for a couple of new colors and accessory options. To recap, the models in the series are: the Scout and Scout Sixty, the Scout Bobber, Scout Bobber Twenty, and Scout Bobber Sixty, and the Rogue and Rogue Sixty.

2024 Indian Scout: $13,249–$15,649

For 2024, the Indian Scout continues rolling with a liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-twin that spits out 100 hp and 72 lb.-ft. of torque. The base model in Black Metallic without ABS is priced at $13,249—the same as last year. You can also choose from Silver Quartz Metallic; Maroon Metallic (seen here); Spirit Blue Metallic over Black Metallic; Black Metallic over Silver Quartz Metallic; and Copper Metallic over Black Metallic colors.Indian Motorcycle

2024 Indian Scout Sixty: $11,749–$13,149

The smaller 60ci Scout Sixty is also back in the lineup without any changes, and for 2024 there are only two color options: Black Metallic ($11,749 without ABS) and the Stealth Gray seen here ($13,149 with ABS). This bike also sports an accessory fairing, luggage, and handlebar.Indian Motorcycle

2024 Indian Scout Bobber: Starting at $12,249

You get the same 69ci V-twin on the Scout Bobber as on the Scout, but with a blacked-out and stripped-down style. Again, there are no changes, and for 2024 the pricier color options are the Indy Red you see here, along with Copper Smoke or Stealth Gray Azure Crystal, all of which come with ABS. Other available colors are Sunset Red Smoke or Springfield Blue Metallic, and Silver Quartz Smoke, Black Smoke, or Sagebrush Smoke. The base model in Black Metallic without ABS goes for $12,249.Indian Motorcycle

2024 Scout Bobber Twenty: $13,249–$14,649

The Scout Bobber Twenty is meant as a homage to the original 1920 Scout, which explains all the retro touches, like wire wheels, mini-ape handlebars, and a low-profile solo seat. The liquid-cooled 100 hp V-twin is thoroughly modern though, and its punchy acceleration will knife through the rest of the classic crowd. Changes for 2024? Nope, it’s the same-same, with three paint colors to choose from: Black Metallic, Silver Quartz Smoke (pictured), and Maroon Metallic.Indian Motorcycle

2024 Scout Bobber Sixty: $10,749–$12,149

The lowest-priced bike in the series returns with its 60ci engine, elemental vibe, and blacked-out styling. It even has the same MSRP as last year, though there are different color options for 2024, including Black Smoke, Sunset Red Metallic, and Ghost White Metallic. You can still have it in Black Metallic ($10,749 without ABS).Indian Motorcycle

2024 Scout Rogue: $12,749–$15,149

More in-your-face than its standard Scout counterpart, the 1,133cc Scout Rogue nevertheless runs with the same foundation down below. It’s the combination of 19-inch front wheel, mini-ape handlebars, blacked-out parts, and quarter fairing that makes it stand out in the group, and all those features are unchanged for 2024. The base-model Rogue starts at $12,749 in black without ABS. Other colors include the high-end Copper Metallic, Black Smoke, Sagebrush Smoke, Storm Blue (pictured), Black Azure Crystal, and Stealth Gray.Indian Motorcycle

2024 Scout Rogue Sixty: Starting at $11,249

By now you know the formula; all the other “Sixty” models run with the same smaller-displacement 999cc V-twin found in the Scout Sixty. No surprise, the Scout Rogue Sixty is also unchanged for 2024, and the base-model Rogue Sixty will empty your wallet of $11,249 (same as last year)—if you get it in Black Metallic (add $900 for ABS). Or opt for the higher-priced Storm Gray or Spirit Blue Smoke colors.Indian Motorcycle
Indian has made sure there’s no shortage of accessories to farkle out your cruiser with. This Scout Bobber rocks an accessory fairing, rear pillion seat with mini-backrest, and probably a pile of other stuff we’re missing.Indian Motorcycle