First Look: Indian Motorcycle 2023 Scout and Chief Lines

The two cruiser series returns with few changes, mainly new colors and prices.

The 2023 base-model Indian Scout rolls into the new year unchanged save for the addition of this new Maroon Metallic color scheme.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle delivered some exciting news regarding its 2023 FTR line earlier this week, but it looks like the brand’s Scout models are rolling into the new model year without any significant updates. The company’s 2022 cruiser lineup heralded the debut of two new models, the Rogue and the Rogue Sixty, earlier this year, but for 2023, it looks like business as usual.

With the addition of the two Rogues, the series expanded to seven models. All return for 2023: the Scout and Scout Sixty, the Scout Bobber, Scout Bobber Twenty, and Scout Bobber Sixty, and the Rogue and Rogue Sixty. All seven are unchanged save for a few new color options, graphic redesigns and the addition of some new accessories. Prices for all of them have gone up quite a bit too. Let’s break it down by model.

2023 Indian Scout: $13,249–$15,649

For 2023, the Indian Scout keeps its 69ci liquid-cooled V-twin, but adds two-tone Spirit Blue Metallic, Silver Quartz Metallic, and Red Orange Metallic color options; all three are priced at $15,649 with ABS. Silver Quartz Metallic returns ($14,649 with ABS) while Maroon Metallic is also new ($14,649 with ABS). For the base-model (non-ABS) Black Metallic, MSRP is $13,249 ($14,149 with ABS).Indian Motorcycle

2023 Indian Scout Sixty: $11,749–$13,149

The smaller-displacement 60ci Scout Sixty returns unchanged as well; for 2023, color options include Black Metallic ($11,749 without ABS) and the Storm Blue you see here ($13,149, with ABS).Indian Motorcycle

2023 Indian Scout Bobber: $12,249–$14,649

Blacked out and stripped down is the name of the game for the Scout Bobber, although for 2023 it gets a host of new color options: the Indy Red you see here, as well Copper Smoke and Stealth Gray Azure Crystal, all of which cost $14,649 and come with ABS. Other available colors are Ruby Smoke or Springfield Blue, both at $13,649 with ABS, or Silver Quartz Smoke or Sagebrush Smoke, for $14,149 (ABS). Prices start at $12,249 for the base Black Metallic without ABS.Indian Motorcycle

Scout Bobber Twenty: $13,249–$14,649

The Scout Bobber Twenty adopts a more retro vibe with wire wheels, mini-ape handlebars, and a low-profile solo seat. For 2023 there are no changes. Colors include: the Silver Quartz Smoke colorway seen here, and Maroon Metallic, both $14,649 and include ABS.Indian Motorcycle

Scout Bobber Sixty: $10,749–$12,149

If you’re looking for true minimalism, the blacked-out and elemental Scout Bobber Sixty is just the ticket. It also sees no changes for 2022, except for the new Spirit Blue Smoke you’re looking at, and the new Stryker Red Metallic color (both $12,149, and both with ABS). You can still have it in Black Metallic ($10,749 without ABS).Indian Motorcycle

Scout Rogue: $12,749–$15,149

The 1,133cc Scout Rogue carries on with its combination of 19-inch front wheel, mini-ape handlebars, and quarter fairing for 2023, making it a more aggressive alternative to the standard Scout. The Rogue models are priced lower than their standard Scout brothers this year, with the base big Rogue starting at $12,749 in black and going up to $15,149 in Copper Metallic with ABS. The Rogue can also be had in Black Smoke, Storm Blue (in the background here), and Sagebrush Smoke ($14,149 with ABS), or Black Azure Crystal and Stealth Gray for $15,149 (ABS).Indian Motorcycle

Scout Rogue Sixty: $11,249–$12,649

The smaller-displacement Scout Rogue Sixty is graced with the same smaller 999cc liquid-cooled V-twin found in the Scout Sixty, and is also unchanged for 2023. The base-model Rogue Sixty will hit your wallet to the tune of $11,249 in Black Metallic (add $900 for ABS), and is available in the new Bronze Pearl Metallic and Titanium Metallic Smoke, both priced at $12,649, and both include ABS.Indian Motorcycle
Naturally Indian has stepped up with a full line of accessories for the Scout family. Here’s a 2023 Scout with what looks like every option in the book, from luggage to quarter fairing to passenger seat options.Indian Motorcycle
A Rogue Bobber? Just slap on a quarter fairing and transform your Scout Bobber.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Chief: $14,499–$16,399

The base-model Chief that debuted last year is still powered by the air-cooled Thunderstroke 111 engine, unchanged for 2023. It does receive a new slipper clutch, however, for smoother shifts and decreased lever effort, according to Indian. This powerful but minimalist cruiser will cost you $14,499 in black metallic (no ABS), with other colors like Silver Quartz Smoke and Maroon Metallic Smoke, both at $16,399 with ABS.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Chief Dark Horse: $17,499–$18,499

The 2023 Chief Dark Horse is a substantial upgrade over the base Chief, rocking the bigger 1,890cc Thunderstroke 116 mill, standard ABS, and equipped with the 4-inch touchscreen display. Although the engine is unchanged for 2023, the Dark Horse also gets the new slipper clutch, and the bike’s touchscreen can now be connected to the owner’s Ride Command account from the app to access additional bike info. The Dark Horse starts at $17,499 in Black Smoke, and goes up to $18,499 for the Storm Blue color scheme. Sagebrush Smoke is a new color option this year.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Chief Bobber: $12,749–$15,149

Buyers get the smaller-displacement 1,811cc Thunderstroke V-twin on the Chief Bobber as well as a regular analog speedometer and no standard ABS, so the one thing new for 2023 is the improved slipper clutch. In Black Metallic, the Chief Bobber will empty your wallet of $16,499 (add $900 for ABS), and is also available in the new Stryker Red Metallic for $17,899 including ABS.Indian Motorcycle

Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse: $19,499–$20,499

The more premium Chief Bobber Dark Horse rolls with the Thunderstroke 116 V-twin and 4-inch touchscreen as well as standard ABS, so it also gets a few more tweaks for 2023. Like all the Chiefs, it’ll receive the upgraded slipper clutch, but because it has the touchscreen, owners can now connect their Ride Command account to the bike. Prices for the Bobber Dark Horse start at $19,499 and go up to $20,499 for Copper Smoke.Indian Motorcycle
The Chief line also gets a bunch of new accessories for 2023, with two new luggage options, and new saddles, including the Comfort + Solo Seat and new Chief Syndicate seat.Indian Motorcycle