Motorex Relaunches Foam Air Cleaner Cleaning Products

New products optimize air cleaner performance

Motorex Air Filter Cleaner
Motorex Air Filter Cleaning KitMotorex

For maximum performance even under heaviest duty conditions, Motorex offers its air filters that protect the engine reliably from even small particles while letting the power pack breathe freely even in the most dusty conditions. Made of special polyester foams, in contrast to cotton or paper filters, the Motorex filters are easily cleaned and retain their form and filtration characteristics even after countless cleaning processes.

However, the prerequisite for optimum performance and maximum durability of Motorex air filters is regular maintenance. The filters need to be cleaned by steeping them in the air filter cleaner immersion bath, after which they are oiled with Air Filter Oil 206.

Both products have now been thoroughly revised in the Swiss Motorex lab. The new packages are recognised by the new label which also contains specific instructions for use.

In addition, MOTOREX dealers stock the free brochure Air Filter Cleaning Guideline with a clearly description of the process. Finally, there is even a video guide on the internet at Air Filter Cleaner is free of solvents, bio-degradable and non-combustible. Like the Air Filter Oil 206, the cleaner can be re-used for the next filter maintenance.

Air Filter Cleaner is available in a 1-litre bottle and in a 4-litre package. Air Filter Oil 206 is available in a 1-litre can as well as in a 750-ml spray can for re-spraying the filter on the move. You can also buy an Air Filter Cleaning Kit with four litres of Air Filter Cleaner, one litre of Air Filter Oil 206, 100 gram of Bike Grease 2000, two buckets, a draining rack and a pair of latex gloves. All these products are not only suitable for servicing Motorex Air Filters but also any other standard foam air filters.