Motorcycle Riding Glasses from Electric California

Lightweight, sturdy, sunglasses for day/ night riding

Knoxville motorcycle sunglasses from Electric CaliforniaStaff

It's a common situation that we've all been in. We'd like to avoid it of course, but chances are we'll all find ourselves there again. You ride out to work or BBQ or hang out or whatever it is you're doing that afternoon and time just gets away from you. You watch the sun roll over the hills, not even thinking about the fact that you were wearing dark tinted shades or a sun visor on your full-face for the ride out, and are now screwed for your ride home. The guys at Electric California have been there too and have come up with a simple and practical solution.

The light yellow lenses are tinted just enough to wear out in the daytime and cut the rays, but light enough to wear in the dark of night and still have full vision. Small rubber pieces in the ear and nose keep them solid in place when locked into your helmet and flying down the highway. Skinny arms make for an easy and comfortable fit in the helmet. The lenses are polarized as well, making sure you're seeing everything on the road, not the glare. The size and shape of the frame is perfect for blocking the wind when you're jamming your face into the wind, and they're lightweight enough to carry with you in a pocket when you don't need to be wearing them.

This frame is available for $100 at, where you'll find other styles of their sunglasses and their rad watches as well.