MotoLax Anti-Stress Tabs from Aerostich

Family getting nervous about you buying a bike? Give them one of these!

Moto Lax Anti-Stress Tablets
Moto Lax Anti-Stress Tablets from AerostichAerostich

A safe way to help risk-adverse family members cope when loved ones get interested in riding. Clinically tested on highly nervous parents, wives, and husbands. An actual satisfied user - Andrea F., Chandler, AZ: “My medication must really be working, because whenever Joel mentions getting a motorcycle, I am okay with the whole idea!!!” Extra strength, 100% organic formula. 60 chewable daily-tabs. Also available as a tasteless, colorless powder that mixes undetectably with foods and/or beverages. (…?) Contraindications - Not to be mixed with Viagra or anti-depressants.