Magnetic Beer Koozie from Red Clouds Collective

Tin cloth koozie sticks to your gas tank!

Magnetic Koozie from Red Clouds Collective - $24.00Staff

Red Clouds Collective is a group of friends, artists, musicians, mechanics and craftsmen out of Portland, Oregon that work together to inspire, design and make products that fit a lifestyle of constantly exploring and expanding their boundaries. Products build from necessity and design that's been tested and tried. This little koozie might not be the most significant item in their lineup, but it was built and designed with as much attention to detail as any other product they produce.

Made out of the same durable 10.1oz waxed canvas used in making their clothing and bags, there is no chance of this thing coming apart. A good sized rare earth magnet is strong enough to hold your 12 or 16oz can (the product is available in two sizes for the same price) in place on just about any metal surface. The strap on the side of the koozie that houses the magnet also had a small loop at the top, of you want to put a clip or run a string though as well.

This is a product that may not be specific to motorcycles, but we think pairs well with our lifestyle. The people at Red Clouds Collective had an idea for a way to improve a product, and they executed it perfectly. We love improvements on old design and they knocked it out with this one.

Red Clouds Collective Magnetic Koozie mounted on the Indian Scout SixtyStaff

This is just one of many intelligently designed and thoughtfully crafted pieces from Red Clouds Collective. For more information on them, check out their site at