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Stay charged, wired and protected with sleek and durable phone case, cable and battery from Lander

Whether it's for checking the weather, maps, playing music in our helmets or just a plain old phone call, we use our phone all the damn time. As with most things in my life, use is abuse, and items have to be able to take it if they're going to stick around very long at all. Lander makes gear to help protect your phone, keep it charged, endure the rigors of your daily adventures.

Lander tech gear
Lander cable, battery and phone caseMonti Smith

The Neve Cable comes in lengths ranging from thee inches, to 10 feet. Covered in a reflective fabric, the cables are incredibly durable and easy to find in the dark. The flat shape makes it much more difficult to get tangled, and easy to roll us as well. Ranging from $30-40 the cables are guaranteed to last you a lifetime, and will be replaced by the company if anything happens.

Lander Tech Geae
Cascade Battery and Powell phone caseMonti Smith

The Powell Phone case looks back on the days of huge bulky phone cases that grip to the inside of your pocket and laughs. It's slim, sleek, and covers the entirety of your phone. The design is minimal and efficient, and fits well in your hand. Ridges on the back and finer ones around the edge ensure a solid grip, and also work very well when mounted in my RAM Mount on my handlebars. For $35, the Powell is built to last no matter where you take it.

When it comes to battery packs, the Cascade 7800 is by far the best one I have tested. It holds a massive amount of charge, enough to charge an iPhone 6s completely, at least three times. It charges with a Micro USB, so you don't have to worry about a specific cable or charger for it either. Call me overly dependent on my tech, but this has not left my side since I got it. With two usb ports, you can charge multiple devices at once. A small light indicates how much charge is left on the battery, and the Smart Charge tech will stop charging your device once it's full. It shows up fully charged, and is small enough to tuck neatly in your pocket with your phone while it charges. The 7800 mAh Cascade is available for $70, with smaller 5200 mAh and 2600 mAh models are available as well.

I should also not that all Lander tech goodies come in these awesome little rubberized carrying boxes. I have been using one of them to fit the battery and two small 3' charging cables since I got it. I am such a sucker for good packaging and Lander has some of the best reusable packaging I've seen.

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