Kriega Urban Messenger Drypack: Reviewed

An over-the-shoulder bag built for urban commuting and daily travel

Kriega is the name in utilitarian motorcycle carry systems. For the price and level of functionality, the gear I have tested from them is exceptional. The styling tends to be a little crude, but that comes with all of the applied technologies and technical materials. The Urban WP Messenger bag is their 16L weatherproof daily side-carry bag that I've been using, abusing, and enjoying for the last several weeks on my rides. Let's take a look at just what makes this bag so adept for urban commuting.

The Kriega Messenger bag sits up high on your back, and has no real room to flap around in the wind, which is awesome. There are no straps to fly around in the wind and whip you, and the main strap is quickly and easily adjusted with one pull tab. The pull tab is easily found without looking while you're riding, and is easily used with gloves on. If you want to carry it on the other shoulder, their double-clamp system makes it easy to switch over.

I’d recommend keeping the bag a little lighter if you’re going over about 30 miles, as on my longer commutes the weight all on one shoulder started to get to me.

Kriega Messenger
Even if you already have your helmet equipped, the strap adjusts quickly and easily to allow you to pull the bag on.Jordan Mastagni

The main compartment on the Messenger bag is about 16 liters and plenty of room for a laptop up to 17" and whatever else you might need for the day. I easily fit my 40oz Hydro Flask, 15" laptop, sweatshirt, hat, and all my chargers and tech goodies with room to spare. If you need more room, Kriega's 5L Drypacks (US-5) attach easily to the outside of the bag, under the main flap.

The one thing that sort of bugs me about the bag is the billowy liner and the roll-top closure that ensures complete weather protection. I KNOW, that’s the point of the drypack, but I think it is sort of overkill on a commuter bag like this. If it’s only really going to be in the rain for your commute, a closure that is a little more easily opened would be prefered in my opinion. Especially because the main pocket closure is tucked under the flap which takes two clips to undo already.

Kriega Messenger
Kriega Urban Messenger Drypack.Jordan Mastagni

The Kriega Messenger hits the market at $189, which I consider a darn good price for what you get. Full waterproof bag, great capacity, technical fabrics, and most of all-- a 10 year warranty.

The bag is meant to take whatever you throw at it and it will do just that, guaranteed. Weatherproof in all the most extreme conditions, even if you don’t plan on riding through them. The single strap means you’ll feel the weight a little more than you would in a traditional backpack, but that’s expected from a messenger bag and this one carries better than any other we’ve tested.

See more information on Kriega's website: Kreiga.US