Kliphanger Handlebars from Klock Werks

Adjustable handlebars for H-D, Victory, and Indian motorcycles

Kliphanger handlebars
Kliphanger adjustable handlebars from Klock WerksKlock Werks

The company that brought you improved performance and style with its patented Flare Windshields has finalized a product line that offers another way to improve your ride, and riding position! Klock Werks is proud to introduce their KlipHanger Handlebars, the ultimate in rider comfort and adjustability.

At the end of a long ride, you shouldn’t be full of aches, pains, tingling, and even numbness in your wrists, hands, shoulders, and back, and now, with the KlipHanger Handlebars, you won’t have to be! Klock Werks innovative, machined “Klamps” allow the control/grip portion of the KlipHanger Handlebar to be positioned exactly where you want your wrists to be. After adjusting the bar ends to your preferred wrist position, the klamps are locked into place with the same technology used with clip-on race bars.

“Klock Werks is a group of seasoned and record-holding riders, so our team brings a lot of experience and information when we are developing a new product line,” said Brian Klock, Klock Werks President. “We know that no two riders are the same. Our challenge was to create a handlebar line that offers individual adjustability, but still looks great. We feel we met the challenge with the Kliphangers.”

KlipHangers truly are the ultimate in personal choice! Bars are offered in several heights and some pullback styles to fit a wide range of preferred riding positions, and come in chrome and black combinations. The manufactured bar portions are 1” and 1-1/4” DOM tubing, drilled/slotted for internal wiring, and work with heated grips. Chrome hardware, chrome billet aluminum dome bar end caps, and complete installation instructions included.

Kliphanger adjustable handlebars from Klock Werks
Kliphanger adjustable handlebars from Klock WerksKlock Werks

Fitments are available for most Harley-Davidson models, for Victory Cross Country, and now for Indian Chieftain, Roadmaster, Chief Vintage and Classic, Darkhorse, Scout and Scout 60! Joining the KlipHanger family recently is the never-before-seen KlipSplitter Bars for Dyna, Sportster, FXR, and more! The KlipSplitters are a T-Bar “Club Bike” style bar that Klock Werks is excited to add to the product line.

Your handlebars are your main point of contact and control of your motorcycle. It’s important that you make the right choice for a safer, and more comfortable, ride. Klock Werks of course recommends that you compliment the KlipHanger bars with a Flare Windshield for the most improved ride. Riders around the world say the Flare reduces head buffeting and even makes their ride safer with added down force and stability. The combination of Kliphanger bars and a Flare will have you riding long miles in comfort and style.

Klock Werks parts are available online at www.kustombaggers.com and through your local Drag Specialties dealer. If you have any questions on fitments or availability, please call 605-996-3700.