Hog Wash Brand Complete Fuel Treatment

It's a healing potion for motorcycle fuel

hog wash fuel treatment
Just one of Hog Wash's many care products for your bike.Courtesy of Hog Wash Brand

Hog Wash Brand's Complete Fuel Treatment is a cure for gas. Not the kind you get after pounding 36 tacos on a bet, though. It's more for the gas in the motorcycle than the rider. Hog Wash Brand says its Complete Fuel Treatment fixes all problems related to ethanol added fuels as well as non-ethanol fuels. This synthetic blend removes water, prevents fuel system corrosion and ethanol phase separation that robs fuel of octane. Increases horsepower, stabilizes fuel for up to 36 months, cleans and lubricates entire fuel system. (800) 217-7435, hogwashbrand.com

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