Heated Seats To Fit All Motorcyclists’ Budgets

Keep your butt warm enough to ride all season long with these options.

Snowy winter road
Choosing the appropriate seat heating option can get you out and riding your bike in even the frostiest stuff.Skitterphoto/Pixabay

Suffering through a numb butt is no way to make for a memorable ride. To help combat frosty temps, we've assembled a short list of seats, seat pads and other warming methods to deliver some much-needed heat to your hindquarters. Our bun-warming options will appeal to budgets of all levels, so whatever you have to spend on some additional riding comfort, you'll be more than satisfied.

Complete seat replacements are always the most effective way to add warming functions, but they’re also the costliest. For a fraction of the price (and maybe with some additional labor), you can opt instead for heating pad kits that can be stuffed between the seat cushion and cover, or go for the outer alternative—pads for the exterior of your existing seat that deliver quick, no-fuss warming power. Whatever option you choose, it’ll make for a far less brutal ride.

Mustang One-Piece Heated Touring Seat

Mustang One-Piece Heated Touring Seat
Sitting at the top of all-season cruising comfort.Mustang Motorcycle Seats

Mustang's one-piece seat design gives riders the fullest, most comfortable perch imaginable for all seasons (especially the colder ones). The shape of the seat narrows at the nose more than most stock units for increased comfort and a better reach to the ground. The baseplate has also been designed to be compatible with both Mustang and factory Harley backrest kits, which is a cool bonus too.

What separates this already plush seat even more from the rest of the field are its interesting heating capabilities. Mustang has equipped it with dual-zone high/low heat settings for both driver and passenger areas, so no matter how chilly the temps get, everyone’s rear end remains warm and toasty. Illuminated switches on the side of the seat allow for quick, easy temperature adjustments without the need for OE controllers or other third party switches.

Saddlemen '09–'19 Harley-Davidson Road Sofa LS Heated Seat

Saddlemen ’09–’19 Harley-Davidson Road Sofa LS Heated Seat
The high-end saddle that looks sweet and feels great.Saddlemen

Think that adding a heated seat into the mix will result in some big, ugly monstrosity of a pad? Think again. Saddlemen has not only added the welcome heating function to the Road Sofa's feature lineup, but take a good look at it—it's gorgeous. This seat will definitely be a highly desirable creature comfort for H-D XL883N riders.

The LS stands for Lattice Stitch, which is what really makes this seat stand so far apart from the pack. Saddlemen has given this version of the Road Sofa a righteous throwback appearance that no rider could deny. Two-level heat adjustments easily connect to the bike’s electrical system, and both driver and passenger seat have independently controlled heating elements for the ultimate in comfort during cold weather riding.

Watercarbon Tech Era Carbon Fiber Seat Heater Kit

Watercarbon Tech Era Carbon Fiber Seat Heater Kit
Easily add semi-permanent heating to an existing seat.Watercarbon

Riders wanting to heat their bums but wishing to keep their existing seat (not to mention hanging on to a whole lot of extra cash) will probably recognize that this four-pad heating kit is the ticket. Two pads can be used per seat, making this package one that will definitely increase the comfort level in the cold. Illuminated 2-color switches are also included, making this deluxe heating upgrade worth every cent.

This carbon fiber seat heater also comes with a dual-temperature control system with an embedded 5th generation thermostat in each pad, which makes it one of the best performing butt warmers out there. As a universal fit on any 12-volt electrical system, these pads are designed to be installed between the seat cover and cushion, so if you aren’t comfortable or capable of jumping into a little upholstery work, the help of a pro will be key.

Zone Tech Heated Seat Cushion 2-Pack

Zone Tech Heated Seat Cushion 2-Pack
Exterior heating the plug and play way.Zone Tech

The best thing about this kit is that there is no need to hardwire it or mess with your bike’s upholstery. The seat cushion simply plugs into the cigarette lighter port, straps around your bike’s seat to keep it from shifting, and warms up to the temperature of your liking with the included controller. It might not be as high tech as some of the other heated kits out there, but the simplicity more than makes up for that.

Zone Tech's heated seat packages come with an updated remote that can send temperatures all the way up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to bring you to a sweat. The seat cover is UL approved, so don't worry about it spontaneously bursting into flames or anything like that—it's ultra reliable and easy to pack up for the long, cold ride ahead.

Vesture MicroCore Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion

Vesture MicroCore Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion
Heat your seat instantly without wires.Vesture

Let's say that you're looking for the easiest, most basic method of keeping your seat warm for the next few months. You probably wouldn't want to spend a lot of cash or a lot of time installing it either. For low-buck, quick heating power, check out the Lava Buns seat cushion—seriously. The name sounds hokey, but it can deliver quick and easy portable warmth on the bike, or anywhere else you plan on sitting in the cold.

How easy is it? Well, the seat cushion can be heated in the microwave. The package includes two reusable MicroCore element gel pack inserts that can stay hot (or cold when desired) for up to 6 hours (4 hours cold). It just doesn’t get easier than that! Plus, you won’t have to tangle yourself up with any cords or plugs (and it’s under $30).