H-D J-Hook Helmet Holder

Keep your helmets safe and displayed with this hook from Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson J-Hook helmet hanger - $24.95Harley-Davidson

If you've been riding for a long while, you're probably like us in the fact that you have way too many helmets and gear taking up space in your garage, living room, mud room, bedroom, bathroom kitchen, hell it just starts sort of going everywhere once there's enough of it.

the J-Hook from Harley-Davidson is the perfect solution. Hang a helmet with your gloves inside, keep it neatly displayed when you're not riding it and quickly grab and go when you need to hit the road.

Harley-Davidson J-Hook helmet hangerHarley-Davidson

Proudly display your collection of helmets. Harley-Davidson Helmet Hangers keep your expensive helmet safe and out of the way.

-Designed to accommodate all types of helmets
-Allows air to circulate inside to keep the liner fresh and dry
-Rigid steel hook features a durable e-coated surface and soft rubber edges to protect the finish of the helmet
-Wall-mount J-Hook design can be secured to a trailer wall, garage wall, or most any flat surface